Power Services Group (PSG) – the Best Alternative to the OEM for Alstom GT24 Gas Turbine Maintenance

During the first half of 2017, PSG successfully performed a number of maintenance activities at combined cycle power plants with Alstom GT 24 Integrated Cycle System (ICS) turbine-generator equipment.  GT24 work executed by the PSG team for multiple customers throughout the continental U.S. and Latin America:

  • Generator field assembly and owner oversight
  • SSS clutch replacement
  • Bearing # 12 investigation and replacement
  • Owner Oversight during triple C-B-B-Inspection
  • Owner Oversight of HP and IP-LP rotor rework at OEM shop
  • GT 24 assembly supervision
  • Balancing and vibration engineering services

PSG’s leading Subject Matter Expert on Alstom GT 24 ICS equipment, Bob Fischer, comments “The demand for GT24 maintenance services is dramatically increasing as the OEM experiences a shortage of skilled and experienced resources and customers are looking for cost effective alternatives.   With the GT24 fleet reaching maturity, more owners are searching to reduce their OEM dependency.”

If you are interested in starting a discussion on how PSG can help you be successful with our gas turbine maintenance options, please visit our website to request more information, or email us direct at inquiries@powerservicesgroup.com.