Kelly Harris – Recognition for Excellence in Machine Design

Kelly Harris has been awarded a custom trophy for excellence in machine design.

In 1976 Kelly enlisted in the Navy where he would start his machining career. In 1975, 4 days after high school, he began 4 years of service. Since then, Kelly has worked in many areas of machining and has learned many lessons that he now teaches all of us here at OES. During his time here with OES he has led designing and innovation on several machines and applications. To mention one example… we had a customer that had a very difficult and precise valve lapping job. Kelly built a tool that traces the valve seat and it proved to shorten the job duration significantly.

Kelly has designed many other pieces of equipment over the years to assist customers in completing custom repairs on their turbine components.

We at OES wish to recognize him for his efforts and innovation. He has been an excellent resource of knowledge that can only be replaced with personal experience and time. Though the trophy is unique in appearance, it is certainly earnest and sincere from all of us who have worked with Kelly over the years.