Safety Slogan Content


Safety is our top priority at TGM®.  One way TGM® reinforces that priority is through a Safety Slogan Contest held every month.  The winning slogan is featured in the company newsletter, and is prominently posted in the company office and in the office trailers in the field. The employee is featured in the company newsletter and receives a $50 gift certificate.

Past winners are:

December 2016 – Carolyn Scharnberger – The best gift you can give your familiy & friends is YOU! Please be safe!

November 2016 – Brooke Allen – Safety – one habit you never need to break

September 2016 – Raymond Haralson – While Talent is Important, and Knowledge is Essential, The Key to success is Safety

August 2016 – Jim Fitzmartin – SAFETY – Because ALL Lives Matter

July 2016 – David Torres – SAFETY is a tool with my name on it

June 2016 – Brooke Allen – Don’t be safety blinded, be safety minded

May 2016 – Ken Young – Safety is more than a word; it’s an attitude

April 2016 – Jeff Ohime – Teams (Together Employees Accomplish More Safety)

March 2016 – Jim Fitzmartin – March to the beat of SAFETY this month!

February 2016 – Brooke Allen – At work or at play, let safety lead the way

January 2016 – Jim Fitzmartin – Before you do it, take time to think through it

December 2015 – Brooke Allen – Make it your mission not to work in an unsafe condition

Novenber 2015 – Larry Keppen – Safety’s Intention is Accident Prevention

October 2015 – Jim Fitzmartin – “I NEVER” miss” is NEVER an acceptable answer!

September 2015 – Brooke Allen – Safety doesn’t happen by accident

August 2015 – Paul Heikkinen – The UNITED Way IS The TGM® Way: People Helping People

July 2015 – Ricky Breeden – Under the hot summer sun, make SAFETY priority one

June 2015 – Tracy Young – A casual attitude towards safety = Casualty

May 2015 – Ricky Breeden – SAFETY is the right tool for Life

April 2015 – Tracy Young – Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful

March 2015 – Jim Fitzmartin – HAND SAFETY – Glove it or Leave it!!

February 2015 – Matt Campbell – SOAR on the wings of Safety… Safety, Observe, Attitude, Respect

January 2015 – Jim Fitzmartin – Give safety a hand! Choose the right glove!

December 2014 – Mike Byrd – Don’t Dismiss A Near Miss

November 2014 – Carolyn Scharnberger – Make Safety second nature, not second thought.

October 2014 – Brooke Allen – Get in S.T.E.P. – Safety Takes Every Person

September 2014 – Kimberly Harper – KNOW safety, No injury.  No safety, KNOW injury.

August 2014 – Jason Muehe – No project is successful if it is not completed safely

June 2014 – Miguel Del Valle – Safety First! There are no second chances in accidents!

May 2014 – Gary Mills – Safety is simple math  

April 2014 – Sam Fowler – A safe employee “Stays Alert For Everything” = S.A.F.E. Stay Alert for Everything!

March 2014 – Arlo Swab – Make it a goal to be safe today, because it is the TGM Way!

February 2014 – Colin Fogle – The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense.

January 2014 – Carolyn Scharnberger – When you gamble with safety, you bet your life!

November 2013 – Glen Ferrell – Safety is the Lock and you are the Key!