Paper Mill Reopening

Just over a year ago the Phoenix Paper Mill in Wickliffe, Kentucky made their first roll of bleached hardwood pulp since their re-opening in 2019.  We are proud to have helped the mill get their turbines back in operating condition, and thankful for the opportunity to be of service.  The mill is vital to the Wickliffe community and provided over 200 jobs after the reopening.  Now that we just passed the one-year anniversary of their initial production run, it’s amazing to look back on the work we put in, as well as the work every other employee and contractor put in during that time.  Congratulations on the one year anniversary Phoenix Paper!


LP Packing Gland Manufacture

Our component manufacturing facility in Gainesville, Georgia recently manufactured an LP Packing Gland for an Industrial GE Steam Turbine.  This component was manufactured utilizing our rigorous quality control process, ensuring all safety parameters were followed each step of the way.  This component was made out of 1045 steel, we stock hundreds of different materials for various types of turbine components to be manufactured when our customers need them.  Below is a short video of the part in process.  Great job Gainesville team!

Turbine Wheel Manufacture

We recently manufactured a new turbine wheel at our Gainesville, Georgia component reverse engineering and manufacturing facility.  The team does an amazing job at manufacturing components to very strict tolerances, with the final product being to specification and delivered to the customer in a timely manner.

Here is some feedback we received this week from another customer:

“Parts were received on the date (he) indicated they would be”

“Parts were every bit as good in quality as those from OEM”

“I work out of a headquarters function and will recommend Orbital as a supplier of turbine parts, especially when reverse engineering of the parts is required”

Here is a short video of the turbine wheel in production:

Steam Turbine Low-Speed Balance

Our Steam Path Repair facility in Pevely, Missouri has many steam turbine rotors that come through each and every year.  One of the services we offer to our customers after repairs have been performed is a low speed balance.  You can see the process in action here on a 3-bearing steam turbine rotor for a turbine that is rated at approximately 80MWs.

GEUS Major Inspection Video Customer Insight

Steam Turbine Major Inspection LONG

Steam Turbine Major Inspection SHORT

Pulverizer Repair

Steam Seal Repairs on LP A and LP B Casings