Safety Monday!

Safety slogan of the day: Safety is our #1 Priority

Safety should be the most important priority of any business. At PSG we take time to educate and train our employees to ensure everyone understands the hazards that lay ahead, and what safety procedures will be followed to mitigate those hazards. 

A safe workplace is priority #1.

Where Is Mr. Turbine Today?

Mr. Turbine says hello from Las Vegas. Call the turbine experts for your turbine needs and may the flop be with you!


Valve Repair

Orbital Energy Services has developed advanced processes to increase durability and prolong component life. One process, a weld application of a stellite alloy to valve wear areas, results in superior wear and corrosion resistance.  All parts supplied by Orbital Energy Services meet or exceed the OEM original standards and specs with a full warranty against defects from time of purchase. Please visit our website or call us to learn more.

Field Services

At PSG we can perform a full repair assessment to diagnose the root causes behind the symptoms and recommend actions to prevent their return. These recommendations may include operational and/or maintenance changes. The goal of our comprehensive approach to repairs is to ensure the highest levels of reliability and efficiency, while minimizing the risk of future forced outages. Visit our website to learn more!

Field Machining

Our highly skilled Machinist’s travel to customer sites all over the World, performing various on-site machining projects, including stud removal and hole restoration. Our highly skilled technicians are professional, courteous, and perform the work quickly and correctly the first time. Visit our website for more information about this service.

Safety Monday!

Safety slogan of the day: Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt

Being aware of your surroundings is paramount to avoiding workplace injuries. At PSG we keep our employees safe by implementing tasks & procedures to ensure safe work practices.

 Visit our website for more safety tips!

Where Is Mr. Turbine Today?

Mr. Turbine sends his hellos from Obidos, Portugal.

He doesn’t mean to Braga, but he says he’s having an amazing trip!

Part Manufacturing

Gas nitriding develops a very hard surface on a component at relatively low temperature, without the need for quenching. As a result, a very high strength product with extremely good wear resistance can be produced with little or no dimensional change. For valve components, these material enhancements translate into increased durability and service life – and ultimately – reduced maintenance cost. Please visit our website or call us to learn more.

Field Services

Periodic Running Condition Assessments allow you to detect impending failures and predict future repair requirements. These assessments include thermal imaging, audio analysis, vibration analysis, as well as analysis of operating data over time.  An annual health check of your steam turbine can provide you with the knowledge required to properly plan and budget for your next turbine inspection.

Steam Path Repairs

Steam path damage has been observed as a leading cause of steam turbine unavailability for fossil fuel plants worldwide. At Orbital Energy Services, our priority is to ensure your steam path is in good operating condition, while minimizing your steam turbine repair costs. By utilizing state-of-the-art processes executed by skilled technicians we can fix almost all your steam path repair needs, quickly and cost-effectively.