Memorial Day

Murray Steam Turbine Inspection & Repairs

We recently completed another Murray Steam Turbine overhaul at our Steam Path Repair facility in Pevely, Missouri.  We completely disassembled the unit, replaced damaged blades, performed minor diaphragm repairs, performed minor case repairs, balanced the rotor, and reassembled the unit for shipment.  If you have an industrial steam turbine that will need inspection and repair in the future please contact us for a free estimate.  Our qualified repair technicians perform excellent work, and you can rest easy knowing your turbine will run smoothly and efficiently throughout the next run cycle.

Westinghouse Utility Steam Turbine Major Inspection

We recently completed a Major Inspection on a Westinghouse Steam Turbine and Hydrogen-cooled Generator for a Utility in the Southeast U.S.  The project consisted of inspecting the HP/IP Turbine, LP Turbine, and Valves.  The steam path components were blast cleaned and inspected, with minor blade repairs performed on-site.  The turbine rotors had boresonic inspections performed, confirming the good condition of the components.  Bearings T1 – T4 were inspected and found to be in good condition.  The oil deflectors were re-toothed and machined at our qualified repair facility.  The Governor Valves were sent to our valve facility in Gainesville, Georgia where a flexitallic gasket modification was performed.  We performed on-site machining of the steam chest to accept the newly modified gaskets.  The Throttle, Reheat Stop, and Intercept Valves were all inspected at site.  A laser alignment was performed to align steam path components.  Final reassembly was completed, and the unit was turned over to the customer for startup.   This was another excellent project where we finished on-schedule, on-budget, and most importantly – zero safety incidents.  Great work by the PSG team!

Alstom STF Steam Turbine “A” Inspection

We recently completed another “A” Inspection on an Alstom STF Steam Turbine.   This inspection consisted of inspecting the valves, bearings, H2 seals, testing of the generator, an LP crawl through, as well as an HP/IP borescope.  Below is a photo of the T1 Bearing Assembly, in which the bearing was dimensionally inspected and clearances verified to be within OEM design criteria.

We perform A, B, and C inspections on the STF fleet, and many of our team members are former Alstom personnel that have the knowledge required to successfully execute these projects.  Please contact us for all of your STF steam turbine outage planning and execution needs.


Shaft Machining

Our Field Machining Division recently completed another successful shaft machining project.  The project included initial machining, sleeving of the shaft, and final machining to bring the shaft back to OEM specifications.  The end result was another satisfied customer whose equipment was back up and running as designed.  Great job team!

Contact Us today if you have any upcoming Field Machining projects that we could provide an estimate for.

As Found


Initial Machining Complete


Sleeved & Final Machined


Steam Turbine Diaphragm Repairs

We have more steam turbine diaphragms coming through the shop!   It has been a busy turbine outage season and the diaphragms continue to roll through our Steam Path Repair facility in Pevely, Missouri.   Please contact us if you have any diaphragms that may be in need of inspection and/or repair during your next turbine outage.


Collector Ring Machining

We recently finished a Collector Ring Machining project for a power generating unit on the East Coast.  As outages get closer to finishing we see an influx of Collector Ring and Journal Machining requests come in.   If you have any Collector Ring Machining needs please contact us today!   For our latest Collector Ring Machining brochure, CLICK HERE.

April Safety Update

We’ve completed the month of April with zero OSHA-recordable injuries and have a TRIR of 0.00 for the year. We continue to be proactive in identifying potential hazards and maintaining our safety-first mindset. Great job by our HSE Director, Shannon Scruggs, our Repair Facility Management and Technicians, and each one of our Field Service Project Management teams for engraining our safety culture throughout the organization. Nice job everybody!