PSG executes another successful Steam Turbine Major Inspection

PSG mobilized tooling, supervision, and craft labor to a paper mill located on the East Coast, USA to perform a scheduled major inspection on their GE steam turbine. The scope of work including removing the steam turbine rotor and steam path components for inspection. The steam turbine rotor and internal components were shipped off site for sand blasting, nondestructive examination (NDE), and inspection. The T-1, T-2, T-3, and T-4 bearings were all sent out for repair. The #1 inboard, #2 inboard, and #3 outboard bearing oil deflectors were sent out for refurbishment, inspections found that all three seals had excessive clearance.

Auxiliary work included: inspecting the NRV valve, 1200# MSV, 850# MSCV, all three lube oil pumps, V-1 upper, V-1 lower, and V-2 valve racks and operating cylinders, the lube oil coolers and generator coolers were shipped out for cleaning and inspections, the lube oil and EHC systems were cleaned utilizing a high velocity oil flush. The generator stator and rotor were inspected and cleaned.

The end result was a successful inspection, with zero safety incidents, and a satisfied customer.  If you would like us to quote your next steam turbine major inspection, please click here to submit your request.

Steam Turbine Rotor Repairs


Outage Season is in full swing!   If you are in need of any rotor inspections or repairs please contact us today.

Steam Turbine Valve Repair & Part Manufacturing Facility

Stop by and visit our 50,000 Sq. Ft. Steam Turbine Valve Repair & Part Manufacturing Facility in Gainesville, Georgia.  

Steam Turbine Diaphragm Repairs

It’s that time of year again… Steam Turbines all across the country are opening up right now.   Please contact us today to quote any emergent diaphragm repairs that may be required during your steam turbine inspection.  We can quote by reviewing photos, or having someone visit the site.  We will turn around the quote quickly, allowing you to make a decision and minimize your outage duration.   We have a fleet of diaphragm repair technicians that can perform repairs on-site or at our steam path repair facility in Pevely, Missouri.   Give us a call to see if we can be the affordable, quality service provider for your diaphragm repairs.

Steam Turbine Stud & Nut Manufacture

Contact us for all of your steam turbine stud and nut manufacturing needs.  For more than a decade, Orbital Energy Services has specialized in design and manufacture of parts in a variety of industries and applications. Our 100% guaranteed aftermarket parts have saved customers substantial amounts of money—money which translates immediately to the bottom line in the form of reduced operating and/or capital expenses. 

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility is ready and able to assist in the manufacture of your steam turbine components.  Reach out to us today to see how we can help you with your next steam turbine parts purchase.


*PSG Nuclear Steam Turbine Services Announcement*

We are proud to announce that Power Services Group (PSG) has executed a five-year agreement to provide turnkey steam turbine maintenance services to utility members of the STARS Alliance, supporting operation of their nuclear power plants. This is a testament to the safe, quality work our field service teams have provided the nuclear industry in recent years, and validation that PSG is the OEM alternative for Nuclear Steam Turbine services.

To learn more about our Nuclear Steam Turbine Services please view our brochure at the below link:

or visit our website:

Drive Turbine Blade Replacement

We’re currently performing another blade replacement for a drive turbine at our Pevely, Missouri Steam Path Repair Facility.   Please contact us if you have any drive turbines in need of repair.

Steam Turbine Inspection & Repair Services

Turn-Key Inspections

Power Services Group (PSG) has the ability to provide full turnkey inspections on steam turbine generators for most OEM manufacturers. PSG provides total turnkey outage performance including technical direction, engineering, project management & coordination, supervision, labor, tooling, repairs, parts sourcing and/or manufacturing, and start-up support. We support fossil and nuclear steam turbines ranging from 1MW to 1,300MW for all major OEMs. We service all industry types including, but not limited to: industrial, paper/pulp, marine, steel/aluminum, chemical and petrochemical, utility, nuclear, and independent power producers.

Contact Us today to learn how we can help you with your next steam turbine project.

Services Provided: Common Repair Services:
  • Open, Clean, Inspect, Close (Outage Services)
  • Valve & Bearing Inspection and Repairs
  • Steam Path Component Inspection and Repairs
  • Major Overhaul Planning and Execution
  • Shop Repair Services
  • Field Repair Services
  • Forced Outage Responsiveness
  • Multi-Year Service Agreements
  • Engineering/Consulting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Generator Inspection, Testing, and Repair
  • Running Condition Assessments
  • Unit Installation/Relocation
  • Nozzle and Diaphragm Refurbishment
  • Blade Ring Refurbishment
  • Seal and Packing Machining and Replacement
  • NDE Services
  • Dish Removal and Re-rounding Services
  • Blade/Bucket Replacement
  • Erosion Shield Replacement
  • Lashing Lug Weld Repair
  • Tennon Welding and Refurbishment
  • Cover Replacement
  • Bore Plug Removal and Installation
  • Balancing Services
  • Valve Reconditioning
  • In-House Nitriding Services
  • Stellite Application Services




Westinghouse Steam Turbine Major Inspection

Power Services Group, Inc. (PSG) was contracted to perform a major inspection on an industrial Westinghouse steam turbine generator at a paper mill in the Midwest United States. PSG arrived and began mobilization activities. The office and tool containers were off-loaded and the turbine deck set up for the outage. The set-up personnel were safety orientated for the customer’s specific safety policy before work commenced.  During the project, a Safety Meeting was held prior to the start of any work. The Safety Meeting topics were based on work activities to be performed during the upcoming shift. In addition, hazardous observations which could impact the safety of the team were discussed and resolved.  Prior to performing work, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form was completed by the work team. This project had zero accidents and zero first aid incidents. 

The unit was taken offline and allowed to cool down over the weekend. The outage began after Lockout / tag out (LOTO) was accomplished. The instrumentation was removed by plant E&I personnel.  The V-1 and V-2 control valves were removed from the turbine casing and put on stands. The valves were disassembled and inspected and NDE was performed on the poppets and valve stems.  The casing bolts and dowels were removed from the HP and LP turbine casing.  An “as found” swing check was performed. The coupling TIR was recorded. The coupling bolts were removed, and the coupling separated. A 4-point face reading was recorded during disassembly.  The casing was rigged and jacked up, using jack bolts, about two inches and leveled before total removal. The casing was removed and flipped to access the upper half diaphragms for removal. The thrust bearing clearance was checked before disassembly. A set of wheels and packing clearances were taken with the rotor in running position. The thrust bearing was disassembled, and the total float and strike points were recorded. A set of oil bore measurements were taken before removal of the turbine rotor.

The rotor was removed and prepped for blast cleaning and staged on the turbine deck. The upper half and lower half diaphragms were removed and staged on pallets for blast cleaning. The rotor and diaphragms were blast cleaned and NDE inspected.  The axial and side slips were recorded and found to be in tolerance. 

The generator field was removed from the generator stator for inspection. The electrical inspection of the generator was performed by a plant subcontractor.  Some minor cleaning was performed on the stator and rotor.   The generator coolers were disassembled, cleaned and vacuum tested; with no leaks found. The coolers were reassembled with new gaskets and tested before startup. 

The turbine and generator bearings were cleaned and dimensionally inspected. The bearings were UT’d to check for bonding issues with the base metal. The #2 journal bearing failed NDE. A new bearing was supplied by the customer and was installed.  The turbine and generator oil seals were cleaned and dimensionally inspected. The #3 inboard oil seal had excessive clearance. The oil seal was sent out for repair and final machining. 

The control valves were disassembled, cleaned and inspected. The valves were blue checked upon reassembly. The trip throttle valve was disassembled, cleaned and inspected. It was blue checked during reassembly to verify proper contact.  The spray chamber was disassembled, cleaned, and inspected.  The lube oil pumps were removed from the lube oil reservoir for inspection. The pumps were disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. PSG rebuilt the steam driven lube oil pump. The lube oil tank was cleaned by a plant subcontractor. The lube oil coolers were disassembled, cleaned and vacuum tested with no leaks noted. The lube oil system was flushed for 24 hrs. using the existing pumps. 

The unit was brought up and over speed tests were performed.  The mechanical tripped at 3970 rpms. The electrical tripped at 3792 rpms. The unit was put online and brought up to partial load.  PSG was released from the customer’s site.

Emergency Turbine Support Services


Have a turbine emergency?   Call us 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year on our emergency hotline:  888-MrTurbine (888-678-8724).  We have Technical Field Advisors on call to answer our emergency hotline and provide you with immediate recommendations. 

If you need immediate support our network of Technical Field Advisors, Superintendents, and Turbine Mechanics are stationed all over the country to make sure we can assist you as quickly as possible.

Turbine emergencies can be stressful, let us help you minimize the impacts of an unplanned event.