Emergency Turbine Support Services


Have a turbine emergency?   Call us 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year on our emergency hotline:  888-MrTurbine (888-678-8724).  We have Technical Field Advisors on call to answer our emergency hotline and provide you with immediate recommendations. 

If you need immediate support our network of Technical Field Advisors, Superintendents, and Turbine Mechanics are stationed all over the country to make sure we can assist you as quickly as possible.

Turbine emergencies can be stressful, let us help you minimize the impacts of an unplanned event.

Still considering performing a turbine outage this Fall or next Spring?

Regardless of whether or not your steam turbine is cycling or base load, it may be difficult to pinpoint when the next maintenance inspection should be performed.  We have a solution to help you determine when to schedule your next steam turbine inspection – providing peace of mind that you are scheduling your maintenance outages when they are needed, not spending money too soon, and not waiting until its too late.

A Running Condition Assessment may provide you (or your insurance company) with the peace of mind that the unit is not nearing a failure point, and can continue to operate.  Alternatively, the Running Condition Assessment may tell you that an immediate outage should be scheduled to avoid a component failure.  The Running Condition Assessment can provide you with the information needed to properly schedule your next steam turbine outage.

  • A Running Condition Assessment allows us to assess the health of your turbine generator while the unit is in operation – no need to bring the unit offline.
  • This assessment typically includes one specialized technician and equipment at your facility for 3 – 5 days, minimizing the people and time on-site.
  • After completion of the Running Condition Assessment you will receive a detailed report on the current condition of your turbine, providing you with vital information for future decision-making. 
  • The cost of a Running Condition Assessment is negligible compared to the cost of a turbine outage.

To learn more about our Running Condition Assessment program, CLICK HERE.

To request a quote and check availability for a Running Condition Assessment, CLICK HERE.

Turbine Valve Seat Replacement

We recently completed a Valve Seat Replacement on a GE Steam Turbine.  In some cases the existing seat can be pulled, in the case shown below it was required to machine out the previous seat.  We perform many turbine valve seat replacements in the field, and can manufacture the components required at our Gainesville, Georgia Steam Turbine Valve facility.  This type of job requires specialty equipment, as well as highly skilled technicians.  It is a great example of the high quality craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect from all of our valve machining and component manufacturing services.

If you have any future valve seat replacement projects that you would like us to quote, please CLICK HERE to contact us.

Need Steam Turbine Valve Components?

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with high quality/low cost valve components for your Steam Turbine.   We manufacture a variety of valve components for various Steam Turbine OEM types for the fossil and nuclear industries.

Whether it be to replenish your stock or for an upcoming turbine outage need, we have a solution for you. 

We can also reverse engineer and manufacture components through the simple process outlined below.

  • Sample Received– Whether it’s a stock item or an item made to order for a special application, the process begins with a new or used sample.
  • Reverse Engineering – After receiving your sample, we confirm all required properties (dimensions, hardness, material composition) using our state of the art equipment.
  • Design – From the reverse engineering data, a detailed CAD manufacturing drawing is created in accordance with international design standards.
  • Price Estimate – A price estimate is provided for the finished part. Typically, savings are in the range of 15-30% under standard retail pricing. More savings can be realized as production quantities increase.
  • Manufacture – Upon agreement on the design and price, we manufacture the part, updating you on the production status along the way. After passing a stringent quality inspection, parts will ship immediately.

We look forward to developing a custom plan to help you improve quality and reduce the cost of your critical steam turbine valve components.

Steam Turbine Inspection & Repair Services

Turn-Key Inspections

Power Services Group (PSG) has the ability to provide full turnkey inspections on steam turbine generators for most OEM manufacturers. PSG provides total turnkey outage performance including technical direction, engineering, project management & coordination, supervision, labor, tooling, repairs, parts sourcing and/or manufacturing, and start-up support. We support fossil and nuclear steam turbines ranging from 1MW to 1,300MW for all major OEMs. We service all industry types including, but not limited to: industrial, paper/pulp, marine, steel/aluminum, chemical and petrochemical, utility, nuclear, and independent power producers.

Contact Us today to learn how we can help you with your next steam turbine project.

Services Provided: Common Repair Services:
  • Open, Clean, Inspect, Close (Outage Services)
  • Valve & Bearing Inspection and Repairs
  • Steam Path Component Inspection and Repairs
  • Major Overhaul Planning and Execution
  • Shop Repair Services
  • Field Repair Services
  • Forced Outage Responsiveness
  • Multi-Year Service Agreements
  • Engineering/Consulting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Generator Inspection, Testing, and Repair
  • Running Condition Assessments
  • Unit Installation/Relocation
  • Nozzle and Diaphragm Refurbishment
  • Blade Ring Refurbishment
  • Seal and Packing Machining and Replacement
  • NDE Services
  • Dish Removal and Re-rounding Services
  • Blade/Bucket Replacement
  • Erosion Shield Replacement
  • Lashing Lug Weld Repair
  • Tennon Welding and Refurbishment
  • Cover Replacement
  • Bore Plug Removal and Installation
  • Balancing Services
  • Valve Reconditioning
  • In-House Nitriding Services
  • Stellite Application Services




Outage Planning Services

Pre-Outage Planning

A Customized Plan

Most power producers are short-staffed and do not have the time and sometimes the expertise to prepare a comprehensive outage plan and workscope.  That’s why we offer the option of providing our comprehensive Pre-Outage Planning Service independent of the award of the contract for inspection and repairs.

Our field project teams have the breadth of knowledge and experience to produce the highest quality planning product, with a workscope customized to your unit and its specific signature.

One of our qualified Technical Directors will visit your plant and prepare a customized report for your specific unit.  The report will contain everything needed to plan your internal preparations for the outage and to prepare a comprehensive Request for Quote for the inspections and repairs.


A Basis For Your RFQ’s 

Your customized Pre-Outage Plan will include everything you need to prepare a comprehensive Request for Quote for the necessary inspections and repairs.  We will compile a summary of the findings from past inspections and develop a list of recommendations for potential repair work.  We will prepare a comprehensive and detailed suggested Statement of Work for the outage, based on these findings and observations from a unit walk-down.  Incorporating this information into your Request for Quote packages will yield “apples to apples” cost comparisons and few if any surprises on implementation.


A Task List For Your Facility

We will review your spare parts inventory and compile a list of recommended parts to have on hand prior to the outage.  We will recommend disposal of any expired or unusable spare parts.

We will also prepare a Critical Path Method schedule based on the defined workscope.  You can use this schedule to plan your expected outage duration and coordinate with any other activities to be conducted during this downtime.


What We Provide

The Pre-Outage Planning Package includes:

  • Outage History Review: We review your past outage reports to determine pending or implemented outage recommendations and any changes that may have been made to your unit.
  • Unit Walk-down: We perform a detailed walk-down of the unit, visually inspecting the components and auxiliaries that will help to develop a detailed pre-outage scope of work.
  • Customized Outage Workscope: Formulated from the on-site analysis of your unit, past outage reports, and known issues supplemented by discussion of particulars with you and your staff, we develop a workscope unique to the specifics of your unit and its current condition.
  • Outage Schedule: We take your customized workscope and create a comprehensive Critical Path Method schedule. This exceptional tool outlines a reasonable outage schedule and projected duration, and it can be used as a guide to measure the performance of your outage contractor.
  • Parts List: We compile a “recommended to buy” list determined by a physical review of your unit, prior outage report recommendations, and review of available inventory.


In summary, our Pre-Outage Planning deliverables to you will be:

  1. A scope of work tailored to your equipment and outage needs.
  2. A parts inventory and suggested purchase list (to support outage or emergency needs).
  3. A document to assist in the preparation of the scope for RFQ / bid documents.


Please CONTACT US today to learn more about how we can help you plan your next turbine outage.

Murray Steam Turbine Inspection & Repairs

We recently completed another Murray Steam Turbine overhaul at our Steam Path Repair facility in Pevely, Missouri.  We completely disassembled the unit, replaced damaged blades, performed minor diaphragm repairs, performed minor case repairs, balanced the rotor, and reassembled the unit for shipment.  If you have an industrial steam turbine that will need inspection and repair in the future please contact us for a free estimate.  Our qualified repair technicians perform excellent work, and you can rest easy knowing your turbine will run smoothly and efficiently throughout the next run cycle.

Westinghouse Utility Steam Turbine Major Inspection

We recently completed a Major Inspection on a Westinghouse Steam Turbine and Hydrogen-cooled Generator for a Utility in the Southeast U.S.  The project consisted of inspecting the HP/IP Turbine, LP Turbine, and Valves.  The steam path components were blast cleaned and inspected, with minor blade repairs performed on-site.  The turbine rotors had boresonic inspections performed, confirming the good condition of the components.  Bearings T1 – T4 were inspected and found to be in good condition.  The oil deflectors were re-toothed and machined at our qualified repair facility.  The Governor Valves were sent to our valve facility in Gainesville, Georgia where a flexitallic gasket modification was performed.  We performed on-site machining of the steam chest to accept the newly modified gaskets.  The Throttle, Reheat Stop, and Intercept Valves were all inspected at site.  A laser alignment was performed to align steam path components.  Final reassembly was completed, and the unit was turned over to the customer for startup.   This was another excellent project where we finished on-schedule, on-budget, and most importantly – zero safety incidents.  Great work by the PSG team!

Alstom STF Steam Turbine “A” Inspection

We recently completed another “A” Inspection on an Alstom STF Steam Turbine.   This inspection consisted of inspecting the valves, bearings, H2 seals, testing of the generator, an LP crawl through, as well as an HP/IP borescope.  Below is a photo of the T1 Bearing Assembly, in which the bearing was dimensionally inspected and clearances verified to be within OEM design criteria.

We perform A, B, and C inspections on the STF fleet, and many of our team members are former Alstom personnel that have the knowledge required to successfully execute these projects.  Please contact us for all of your STF steam turbine outage planning and execution needs.