Gas Nitriding of Turbine Components

One of the durability enhancements we offer for turbine components is gas nitriding.  Gas nitriding is a surface hardening process, where nitrogen is added to the surface of steel parts using dissociated ammonia as the source. Gas nitriding develops a very hard case in a component at relatively low temperature, without the need for quenching. As a result, a very high strength product with extremely good wear resistance can be produced, with little or no dimensional change. For valve components, these material enhancements translate into increased durability and service life and ultimately, reduced maintenance cost.

Gas nitriding can be a time consuming process, which is why we have the equipment in-house to ensure you receive the quickest turnaround times possible during your turbine outage.  If you want to learn more about this and other durability improvements we offer please visit our part manufacturing web page HERE.


Balance Chamber Repair vs. Replace

Save time and money by repairing your balance chamber instead of replacing it.   You no longer need to worry about the hassle of stocking a spare balance chamber, or be surprised by the lead time when you go to order a new one.  We have been repairing balance chambers for utilities across the U.S. for almost 8 years now with great results.   The next time you discuss the future of your balance chamber please contact us to discuss how we can repair your existing component rather than spending the money to purchase a new one.



Steam Turbine Valve Repair & Upgrade

Power Services Group provides repairs and upgrades for your valves and valve components. We provide reverse engineering and precision replacement part manufacturing of valve components for virtually all makes and types of steam turbine valves. We also maintain one of the most extensive valve repair equipment inventories and employ the best trained and most experienced personnel in the industry.

We provide efficient and cost effective valve repairs including:

• Bonnet bore refurbishment
• Butt weld modifications
• Seat removal and replacement
• Automated deep bore welding for valve seats
• Stud extraction and hole refurbishment
• ASME Section IX weld repairs
• R-Stamp welding
• Flange face resurfacing (including elliptical)
• Field machining processes for all sealing surfaces and fit areas
• Manual and automatic hard facing of seats and discs
• Reverse engineering and part manufacturing

We can refurbish virtually all makes and models of steam turbine valves to OEM specification:

• Main Steam Stop Valves
• Governor / Control Valves
• Throttle Valves
• Intercept Valves
• Ventilation Valves
• Blowdown Valves
• Equalizer Valves

Our versatile computerized management and maintenance tracking database ensures:

• Detailed inspection reports
• Complete valve maintenance and service history
• Detailed and accurate parts replacement logging
• Itemization of obsolete and current parts
• Tracking of materials and valve parts
• Spare parts inventory
• Digital photos included in all reports

Contact Us today for all of your steam turbine valve component needs!

Excellent Customer Feedback

We recently received excellent feedback from one of our recent Steam Turbine Major Inspections performed for a Utility customer in the Southern U.S.  This is the type of feedback that makes all of the effort during the planning and execution phases worthwhile.   We are very appreciative of every opportunity we receive, and strive to do our best for each and every customer.  Great to see this type of feedback, and another outstanding job by our field and repair teams!


“The response to our RFP was clear, concise, and with a very detailed schedule.”

“It is clear to anyone watching your crew work that PSG has a strong safety culture.”

“The Technical Field Advisor and his team kept us updated and there were no surprises.”

“Of the bids we reviewed for this job, PSG had the most aggressive schedule and then met that schedule. This was a planned 60 day outage that was shortened to 45, so meeting the planned restart date was critical.”

“No leak, no issues, no defects. Very impressive.”

“Very detailed outage report. Better than I am accustomed to seeing.”

“The proposal for the inspection was detailed and thorough. Likewise for all extra work generating during the outage.”

“Documentation was accurate and detailed.”

“I would be glad to have PSG here for our next outage.”

Steam Turbine Diaphragm Repairs

We have quite a few steam turbine diaphragms being repaired at our Midwest Steam Turbine Repair Facility right now.  If you have a need for diaphragm repairs on your steam turbine please contact us today.


Blade/Bucket Repairs and Replacements

There’s a lot happening in our Midwest Steam Turbine Repair Facility right now.  We’re performing blade/bucket change outs on a number of rotors this spring.  Contact us if you have any future blade/bucket repair or replacement needs.

Steam Turbine Repair Season is Here!

We have quite a few steam turbine rotors and diaphragm sets in the shop at the moment.  Turbine outage season is in full swing.  If you have any turbine repair needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Emergent Steam Turbine Valve Components Need for your Spring Outage?

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with high quality/low cost valve components for your Steam Turbine.   We manufacture a variety of valve components for various Steam Turbine OEM types for the fossil and nuclear industries.

If your outage is here and an unexpected need arises we can reverse engineer and manufacture components through the simple process outlined below.


  • Sample Received– Whether it’s a stock item or an item made to order for a special application, the process begins with a new or used sample.
  • Reverse Engineering – After receiving your sample, we confirm all required properties using our state of the art equipment; properties such as dimensions, hardness, and material composition.
  • Design – From the reverse engineering data, a detailed CAD manufacturing drawing is created in accordance with international design standards.
  • Price Estimate – A price estimate is provided to the customer for the finished part. Typically, savings are in the range of 15-30% under standard retail pricing. More savings can be realized as production quantities increase.
  • Manufacture – Upon agreement on the design and price, we manufactures the part, keeping you updated on status along the way. After passing a stringent quality inspection, parts will ship immediately.


This entire process can be expedited to get your turbine back online as quickly as possible.   We hope to hear from you the next time you need any steam turbine valve components.

G2 Steam Turbine Control Valve Inspection

We were recently contracted by a utility company in the U.S. to perform a valve inspection on a GE G2 Steam Turbine.   The inspection consisted of removing 4 control valve assemblies, sending them to our Steam Turbine Valve Component Manufacturing & Repair Facility in Gainesville, Georgia for inspection, then returning the valves to site for reinstallation by our field service team.  While the components are in our valve facility any replacement parts can be manufactured, or repairs made, as needed.  For more information about our valve facility capabilities please CLICK HERE

The field service team finished the reinstallation of the valves on schedule, with quality craftsmanship, and most importantly – no safety incidents.  Great job by our field service and repair facility teams working together to execute another successful project!


100% blue contact check at reassembly – always a welcome sight!

Steam Turbine Repairs – Steam Path Repair


Contact us today for any emergent steam turbine repair needs this outage season!

Stationary Components

  • Nozzle and Diaphragm Refurbishing
  • Blade Ring Refurbishing and Replacement Parts
  • Computerized Area Checks
  • Seal and Packing Replacements and Machining
  • Complete NDE Services
Rotating Components

  • Blade/Bucket Replacement
  • Erosion Shield Replacement
  • Lashing Lug Weld Repair
  • Tennon Welding and Refurbishing
  • Cover Replacement
  • Bore Plug Removal and Installation
  • Complete Balance Services
Full Welding and Heat Treat Capabilities

  • Partition and Blade Rings
  • Integral Root Radial Seals
  • Set-Back and Joint Faces
  • Packing and Seal Hook Fits