Where is Mr. Turbine Today?

What do you call a factory that makes okay products? Satisfactory. Mr. Turbine says call the turbine experts for service that’s well above satisfactory!

Part Manufacturing

Power Services Group has developed and proven advanced processes to increase durability and prolong the life of steam turbine components.  We provide 100% quality guaranteed aftermarket parts, manufactured at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with affordable quality steam turbine components.

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Field Services

A thrust bearing is a type of bearing that helps rotation and resists thrust at the same time. The main function of a thrust bearing is to resist any axial force applied to the rotor and maintain its position. At PSG we have trained & experienced employees for extensive any turbine. To learn more please visit our website for more information.

Where is Mr. Turbine today?

Mr. Turbine says the street art in London is very ad-mural-able.

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Valve Repair

We provide reverse engineering and precision replacement part manufacturing of valve components for virtually all types of turbine valves. Our company maintains one of the industry’s most advanced valve repair equipment inventories.

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Field Services

Power Service Group’s extensive turbine inspection experience covers steam turbines of all OEMs and sizes, as well as heavy industrial gas turbines. To learn more please visit our website for more information.

Steam Path Repair

By utilizing state-of-the-art processes backed with highly advanced technology and skilled technicians, we can fix almost all your steam path repair needs quickly and cost-effectively. At Power Services Group our priority is to provide a quality repair that will improve the reliability and/or efficiency of your turbine, all while minimizing your steam turbine repair costs.

Safety Monday!

Workplace safety procedures exist to keep people safe. It’s essential that machinery and tools are used in the correct way, and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Shortcuts can lead to injury and are not worth the time that might be saved. Take the time to identify and correct any bad habits that may have crept into your work practices. At PSG we have employees trained and certified to handle all tooling and equipment, and focus on executing tasks the safest way, not the quickest way.

Field Machining

At PSG our On-Site Machining Division provides precision, transportable machine tools and highly qualified technicians to skillfully perform work at your facility. Our on-site machining solutions to complex projects has allowed our customers to get back online safely, quickly, and cost effectively.

Field Services

At Power Services Group, our priority is to address all your turbine outage needs safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. Wherever you are, whatever your industry, our global field service network responds to your needs 24/7. To learn more about our turbine field services please visit our website!