Field Machining

Orbital Energy Services performs on-site line boring and coupling line boring for virtually any boring requirement. Orbital Energy Services provides transportable precision machine tools and highly qualified technicians to skillfully perform work at your facility. Visit our website to learn more!

Memorial Day

Upcoming Conferences

Mr. Turbine had a great time at the 7F Users Group’s 31st annual conference! The 7F Users Group is organized to provide an open forum through conferences and technological aids to the Owners/Operators of 7F Combustion Turbine generator systems for effective discussion, and information dissemination regarding the operation, maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair of such systems to maximize equipment performance and reliability. This is a great conference for all owners/operators of Frame 7F combustion turbines. If you would like to learn more about these turbines please join us at next year’s event !

Part Manufacturing

We provide reverse engineering and precision replacement part manufacturing of components for virtually all types of turbines at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Our company maintains one of the industry’s most advanced repair equipment inventories.  For more than a decade, Power Services Group has specialized in the reverse engineering, design, and manufacture of parts as an alternative to the OEM in a variety of industries and applications.

Field Services

Power Services Group provides turnkey project management for all your turbine project needs – including emergent repairs. Once we have analyzed your situation, we will provide a recommended repair plan for your component(s) that will allow the turbine to operate safely, reliably, and efficiently – all while minimizing schedule impacts and cost.  We pride ourselves on providing quality repairs, on-schedule, and at a reasonable price. Visit our website for more information!

Steam Path Repair

At Orbital Energy Services we pride ourselves on providing quality repairs, on-schedule, and at a reasonable price. By utilizing state-of-the-art processes backed with highly advanced technology and skilled technicians, we can fix all your steam path repair needs, quickly and cost-effectively. Please visit our website to learn more about our steam turbine repair services! 

Safety Monday!

Knowing how to work safely in hot weather can help prevent heat stress injuries and heat stroke.  One safety tip is to stay hydrated. Are you drinking enough water? Use this urine color chart to assess how hydrated you are. It’s important to drink plenty of water every day to stay healthy. At PSG we keep our employees informed about updated procedures to encourage and train our employees to stay safe. Visit our website for more safety tips.

Where Is Mr. Turbine Today?

Mr. Turbine says he’s a bit Rome-sick. Till next time!


Valve Repair

At PSG we utilize our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility to provide part reverse engineering, precision replacement part manufacturing, and part repair for virtually all types of turbine valves. Our company maintains one of the industry’s most advanced valve repair and manufacturing equipment inventories and we strive to meet or exceed the original OEM component standards on every part supplied. Call the turbine experts today to learn more about our Valve Repair and Component Manufacturing services. Please visit our website or call us to learn more.

Field Services!

Power Service Group’s extensive turbine inspection experience covers all types of steam turbines as well heavy industrial gas turbines. Wherever you are, whatever your industry, our global field service network responds to your needs 24/7. We aim to minimize downtime and improve plant performance. To learn more about our turbine field services please visit our website!