Steam Turbine Valve Repair & Part Manufacturing Facility

Stop by and visit our 50,000 Sq. Ft. Steam Turbine Valve Repair & Part Manufacturing Facility in Gainesville, Georgia.  

Steam Turbine Diaphragm Repairs

It’s that time of year again… Steam Turbines all across the country are opening up right now.   Please contact us today to quote any emergent diaphragm repairs that may be required during your steam turbine inspection.  We can quote by reviewing photos, or having someone visit the site.  We will turn around the quote quickly, allowing you to make a decision and minimize your outage duration.   We have a fleet of diaphragm repair technicians that can perform repairs on-site or at our steam path repair facility in Pevely, Missouri.   Give us a call to see if we can be the affordable, quality service provider for your diaphragm repairs.

Steam Turbine Stud & Nut Manufacture

Contact us for all of your steam turbine stud and nut manufacturing needs.  For more than a decade, Orbital Energy Services has specialized in design and manufacture of parts in a variety of industries and applications. Our 100% guaranteed aftermarket parts have saved customers substantial amounts of money—money which translates immediately to the bottom line in the form of reduced operating and/or capital expenses. 

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility is ready and able to assist in the manufacture of your steam turbine components.  Reach out to us today to see how we can help you with your next steam turbine parts purchase.


*PSG Nuclear Steam Turbine Services Announcement*

We are proud to announce that Power Services Group (PSG) has executed a five-year agreement to provide turnkey steam turbine maintenance services to utility members of the STARS Alliance, supporting operation of their nuclear power plants. This is a testament to the safe, quality work our field service teams have provided the nuclear industry in recent years, and validation that PSG is the OEM alternative for Nuclear Steam Turbine services.

To learn more about our Nuclear Steam Turbine Services please view our brochure at the below link:

or visit our website:

August Safety Update

We’ve completed the month of August with zero OSHA-recordable injuries and have a TRIR of 0.00 for the year. We continue to be proactive in identifying potential hazards and maintaining our safety-first mindset. Great job by our HSE Director, Shannon Scruggs, our Repair Facility Management and Technicians, and each one of our Field Service Project Management teams for engraining our safety culture throughout the organization. Nice job everybody!