ABB Steam Turbine Inspections


We have performed a number of inspections on ABB Steam Turbines over the years.  We’ve worked on various size ranges, from Industrial to Utility units.  Our Technical Field Advisors are very knowledgeable on the details of the ABB Steam Turbines and the specific procedures to be used for successful disassembly and reassembly of these units.

We attribute our success to our people.  We keep our project teams together as they travel to different job sites around the country.  Our Project Management teams consist of Technical Field Advisors, a Project Coordinator, and Turbine Mechanic Foreman.  The Turbine Mechanic Foreman all have a core group of Turbine Mechanics that travel with them to each job site.   These project teams work together on a regular basis, getting to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and look out for each other’s safety.  This continuity of personnel is reflected by our excellent quality and safety record, and is the reason for us being able to deliver successful outages to our customers.

This project team philosophy translates well to inspections of all turbine types, but particularly to the smaller fleets where expertise and continuity can be hard to find.  If you have an inspection coming up on your ABB Steam Turbine please contact us today and learn more about how we will provide you with a successful outage performance.

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Shaft Machining

Our Field Machining Division was dispatched to repair an inboard fan shaft for a Utility customer in the Midwest.  We mobilized a total of 4 specialty field machining personnel, and began the process of machining the inboard fan shaft which had severe shaft damage and hard spots.  We cleaned up 100% of the shaft, had hardness checks performed, and then proceeded to final hone and polish.

The total duration of the project was 3 days from start to finish, and the end result was another satisfied customer.  The photos below will give you an idea of the severity of the original shaft damage, as well as the final condition upon completion.  Another great project by our Field Machining Division!


As Found:


Upon Completion:

G2 Main Control Valves


We recently overhauled the main control valves for a GE G2 Steam Turbine rated approximately 550MWs.  In this instance, we removed the control valves and shipped them to our Gainesville, Georgia Steam Valve Repair facility for disassembly, cleaning, and inspection.  If any of the components are in need of repair we can make them right there at this facility.  We can even reverse engineer and replace worn components if the situation requires it.  Once the inspection (and repairs if necessary) is complete the valves are shipped back to site for reassembly by the outage team.  Continuous communication between the site and shop personnel is critical to maintaining schedule and ensuring all expectations are met or exceeded.   The end result is another satisfied customer with properly maintained valve components.

Turbine Wheel Manufacture

We recently manufactured a new turbine wheel at our Gainesville, Georgia component reverse engineering and manufacturing facility.  The team does an amazing job at manufacturing components to very strict tolerances, with the final product being to specification and delivered to the customer in a timely manner.

Here is some feedback we received this week from another customer:

“Parts were received on the date (he) indicated they would be”

“Parts were every bit as good in quality as those from OEM”

“I work out of a headquarters function and will recommend Orbital as a supplier of turbine parts, especially when reverse engineering of the parts is required”

Here is a short video of the turbine wheel in production:

G-3 Steam Turbine Major Inspection

We recently executed a Major Inspection on a GE G-3 Steam Turbine rated over 750 MW for a major Utility company in the U.S.  This type of project is long and detail-oriented. The attention to safety each and every day must be at the forefront of every project, but especially one of this magnitude. There are a lot of moving parts on the schedule throughout the outage, so continuous updates and excellent communication and documentation is required to keep the project on-schedule through completion. For this project we had an excellent project management team on-site, including the Technical Field Advisors, Project Coordinator, Turbine Mechanic Foreman, and Turbine Mechanics. The experience of the team on-site can make or break the success of an outage. We are fortunate to have great outage teams, and they did an excellent job completing this project safely, with high-quality, on-schedule, and on-budget. Nice job PSG team!

Turbine Valve Seat Replacement

We recently completed a Control Valve Seat Replacement on a GE Steam Turbine.  In some cases the existing seat can be pulled, in the case shown below it was required to machine out the previous seat.  We also machined out the existing pins, manufactured new pins and seat, and installed the new components during the execution of this project.  We perform many turbine valve seat replacements in the field, and can manufacture the components required at our Gainesville, Georgia Steam Turbine Valve facility.  This type of job requires specialty equipment, as well as highly skilled technicians.  It is a great example of the high quality craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect from all of our valve machining and component manufacturing services.

Thermal Imaging of the Power Island

Thermography is a condition-based maintenance technique that is used to monitor the condition of plant machinery, structures, systems, and media (i.e. steam, oil, water, etc.).  By detecting thermal anomalies (i.e. areas that are hotter or colder than they should be), an experienced Thermal Imaging Specialist can locate and define incipient problems within the Power System.  Thermography is just one of the dynamic-state, running-condition assessment tools that can and will detect the presence of issues that may very well disappear during static-state preventive maintenance.  We highly recommend each plant conduct regular thermal imaging assessments of their equipment as part of their standard maintenance practices.




Has your steam turbine outage been postponed?

Many turbine outages this spring have been postponed, and we have a solution to provide peace of mind and mitigate the risk of postponed maintenance.

Your turbine may now be at the point where damage to the internal components could accelerate during this extra runtime. Or perhaps the turbine is operating optimally and the postponed outage was intended to satisfy time-based maintenance requirements. Regardless of how your turbine was operating prior to the postponed inspection, a Running Condition Assessment can provide you (or your insurance company) with the peace of mind that the unit is not nearing a failure point, and provide you with the information needed to properly re-schedule your future outage date.

A Running Condition Assessment allows you to assess the health of your turbine generator while the unit is in operation.

This assessment typically includes one specialized technician and equipment at your facility for 3 – 5 days, minimizing the people and time on-site as compared to a standard turbine inspection.

After completion of the Running Condition Assessment you will receive a detailed report on the current condition of your turbine, providing you with vital information for future decision-making.

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Steam Turbine Valve Inspections

We recently performed work for a U.S. utility on one of their Main Stop Valves for a GE Steam Turbine.  We can perform valve inspections on-site or in our dedicated steam turbine valve facility in Gainesville, Georgia.  If the valves are inspected at our Gainesville facility we have the ability to make any necessary repairs, reverse engineer and manufacture components, as well as offer material upgrades for longer service life.  We also have an in-house nitriding furnace that allows to control the schedule and provide quick turnarounds on any parts that require a nitrided surface.   We have full capabilities to provide our customers with a turnkey valve service and help extend the life of your steam turbine valves.

Collector Ring Machining


During any turbine generator outage season we often receive an influx of calls to perform collector ring machining on various makes and models of generators.  It is critical to maintain as much brush to collector ring contact as possible, and machining the rings can make sure the surface is free from defects that may inhibit brush to ring contact.  The need for this machining is typically determined after the generator has been disassembled and inspected, making this service an emergent repair that needs to be performed within a time-sensitive window.  When these requests are received we typically request basic dimensional data and then provide a quick quotation for services.  Once approved, we immediately dispatch our qualified technicians to site along with specialized machining equipment.  This work is typically completed in 1-2 shifts, and the customer is able to continue forward without this service having any impact on the overall schedule.