Valve Repairs

Valve repairs typically include removal of the valve(s), shipment of the components to a qualified facility, inspection of the components to pinpoint any issues, selection of the right materials and processes to restore (and potentially upgrade) your valve(s), and expert reinstallation of the components to ensure proper working condition.

At Power Services Group, we provide qualified field service teams to remove and reinstall your turbine valves, and an ISO-certified facility with highly skilled technicians to perform the inspection/repair/restoration/upgrades of your valve components.

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Field Services

At PSG, we provide skilled turbine mechanical project execution teams to help you with your combustion turbine projects. We execute planned combustion, hot gas path, and major inspections – as well as provide immediate support for any emergent issues that occur.

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Field Machining

Whether you’re in need of a small repair around the plant, or a tight tolerance turbine rotor/casing repair, Power Services Group provides unsurpassed field machining and welding services. We provide specialized technicians and equipment to perform many types of critical repairs at your facility.

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Safety Monday!

Safety Tip of the day: You can prevent injuries by being aware of your surroundings and paying attention to where you’re walking. We at PSG make it a goal to keep our employees safe by implementing tasks & procedures to ensure safe work practices. Visit our website for more safety tips!

Part Manufacturing

At PSG our ISO 9001:2015 certified part manufacturing division specializes in the manufacture and supply of turbine parts such as valve stems, disks, and bushings.

We also have the capability to manufacture a variety of other components for your steam turbine as well.
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Field Services

At PSG we provide skilled Turbine Mechanics, Supervisors, Technical Field Advisors, Tools, Equipment, and other required services for the turnkey overhaul and maintenance of turbine-generators and associated equipment.

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Steam Path Repairs

Our subsidiary company, Orbital Energy Services, offers a wide array of stationary and rotating component repairs for your steam turbine. We provide precision On-Site and In-Shop repair services utilizing our highly qualified technicians to skillfully execute almost any repair.

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Safety Monday!

Safety tip of the day: Report unsafe conditions.

At Power Services Group we have developed a thorough safety plan to ensure the safety of our employees

. Also, we have a hazard elimination policy to ensure we fix any potential safety issues before they become incidents.

This focus on safety is the reason why we have not had a zero-safety incident in over two years.

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Valve Repairs

One issue that arises constantly with valves are leakage. Valve leakage is tested using either a hydrostatic or a pneumatic test.

At PSG we enhance valve performance and longevity and to reduce turnaround times while substantially decreasing overall outage duration at power plants.

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Field Services!

Power plant owners face a major challenge of keeping aging turbines up and running efficiently and cost effectively.

Power Services Group has the experience and expertise to help solve your turbine problems.

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