Emergent Steam Turbine Valve Components Need for your Spring Outage?

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with high quality/low cost valve components for your Steam Turbine.   We manufacture a variety of valve components for various Steam Turbine OEM types for the fossil and nuclear industries.

If your outage is here and an unexpected need arises we can reverse engineer and manufacture components through the simple process outlined below.


  • Sample Received– Whether it’s a stock item or an item made to order for a special application, the process begins with a new or used sample.
  • Reverse Engineering – After receiving your sample, we confirm all required properties using our state of the art equipment; properties such as dimensions, hardness, and material composition.
  • Design – From the reverse engineering data, a detailed CAD manufacturing drawing is created in accordance with international design standards.
  • Price Estimate – A price estimate is provided to the customer for the finished part. Typically, savings are in the range of 15-30% under standard retail pricing. More savings can be realized as production quantities increase.
  • Manufacture – Upon agreement on the design and price, we manufactures the part, keeping you updated on status along the way. After passing a stringent quality inspection, parts will ship immediately.


This entire process can be expedited to get your turbine back online as quickly as possible.   We hope to hear from you the next time you need any steam turbine valve components.

G2 Steam Turbine Control Valve Inspection

We were recently contracted by a utility company in the U.S. to perform a valve inspection on a GE G2 Steam Turbine.   The inspection consisted of removing 4 control valve assemblies, sending them to our Steam Turbine Valve Component Manufacturing & Repair Facility in Gainesville, Georgia for inspection, then returning the valves to site for reinstallation by our field service team.  While the components are in our valve facility any replacement parts can be manufactured, or repairs made, as needed.  For more information about our valve facility capabilities please CLICK HERE

The field service team finished the reinstallation of the valves on schedule, with quality craftsmanship, and most importantly – no safety incidents.  Great job by our field service and repair facility teams working together to execute another successful project!


100% blue contact check at reassembly – always a welcome sight!

We are officially ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

This is a testament to the quality of our processes, and finished products supplied to our customers. A tremendous achievement by our team in Gainesville, Georgia!



If you have part manufacturing or repair needs CONTACT US today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help your facility.

Steam Turbine Repairs – Steam Path Repair


Contact us today for any emergent steam turbine repair needs this outage season!

Stationary Components

  • Nozzle and Diaphragm Refurbishing
  • Blade Ring Refurbishing and Replacement Parts
  • Computerized Area Checks
  • Seal and Packing Replacements and Machining
  • Complete NDE Services
Rotating Components

  • Blade/Bucket Replacement
  • Erosion Shield Replacement
  • Lashing Lug Weld Repair
  • Tennon Welding and Refurbishing
  • Cover Replacement
  • Bore Plug Removal and Installation
  • Complete Balance Services
Full Welding and Heat Treat Capabilities

  • Partition and Blade Rings
  • Integral Root Radial Seals
  • Set-Back and Joint Faces
  • Packing and Seal Hook Fits

We offer milling services for equipment optimization, retrofits and resurfacing


Milling Services by Orbital Energy Services

Our equipment can accommodate a wide range of applications. Some examples:

  • Flat bearing surfaces
  • Pump or generator bases and bedplates
  • Pockets and penetrations in structures
  • Inspection openings and hatch covers
  • Internal and external shaft keyways

Why should we be your first choice for On-Site Milling?

Reduced Cost and Downtime

Performed on-site, we have eliminated the issues related to removing and shipping your equipment to a shop:  exorbitant shipping costs, potential damage during shipment, valuable lay down space, and plant crane and rigging requirements.


All work is performed at the customer’s facility, regardless of size, position, damage, material, etc.  Once on-site, unloading and loading of our equipment is quick and is typically accomplished with a small fork lift or crane.


Our milling equipment can accommodate almost any application in almost any location and environment.

CONTACT US today to learn more about our milling capabilities and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Stellite Overlay on Steam Turbine Valve Components

We have developed advanced welding processes to overlay stellite into the bore of a bushing and to other areas on valves prone to excessive wear. Our process will virtually eliminate the build up of scale on those parts. It also significantly reduces erosion on other parts of the valve in the steam path.  CONTACT US today to learn more about how we can add stellite to your steam turbine valve components.

Upgrade Benefits:

  • Reduced Scale Build up on components
  • Prevent Premature Valve Failure
  • Enhance Valve Service Life
  • Improve Operating Reliability
  • Reduce Maintenance Frequency and Cost
Before After
Westinghouse Throttle Valve Main Plug with Severe Erosion.

The same throttle valve main plug back in our shop for evaluation after 50,000 operating hour – no erosion, no cracks and unit had zero operating issues while in service. Prior to the upgrade, the plugs were being replaced every 18 to 24 months.

Steam Turbine Diaphragm and Rotor Repairs

Our Midwest Steam Turbine Repair facility in Pevely, Missouri is keeping busy this outage season.  We’ve performed many diaphragm and rotor repairs this spring, and it looks like that will continue for at least a few more months as more steam turbine outages kick-off.  If you have any diaphragm or rotor repair needs during your upcoming steam turbine inspection please reach out to us for an expert opinion and quotation.   Also, at no cost to you, we can send a Steam Path Repair Subject Matter Expert to your site to review components as soon as they become available.  Contact Us today to discuss potential dates for a Steam Path Repair Subject Matter Expert to arrive at site during your outage, or to request a quotation for your potential repair needs.

February Safety Update

We’ve completed the month of February with zero OSHA-recordable injuries and have a TRIR of 0.00 for the year. We continue to be proactive in identifying potential hazards and maintaining our safety-first mindset. Great job by our HSE Director, Shannon Scruggs, our Repair Facility Management and Technicians, and each one of our Field Service Project Management teams for engraining our safety culture throughout the crews working at site. Nice job everybody!

Steam Turbine HP Nozzle Manufacturing

We recently completed the manufacture of a new HP Nozzle Block for an industrial steam turbine customer in the Southeast U.S.   The project initially called for a modification of the existing HP Nozzle Block in order to complete a rerate of the steam turbine.  With the initial inspection showing damage to the components however, manufacturing a new HP Nozzle Block became justifiable.  A brief overview of the scope of work, and photos of the newly manufactured HP Nozzle Block, are below.   If you have any steam turbine component rerate or manufacturing needs please contact us to learn more about how we may be able to assist you in achieving your objectives.


1. High Pressure (HP) Nozzle Block

1.1. The original intention of the rerate plan was to blank off nozzles to reduce flow area; however, given the need to re-blade the 1st stage wheel due to damage it became justifiable to manufacture a new HP Nozzle Block with a reduced nozzle height.

1.2. The new HP Nozzle Block was manufactured with the same number of nozzles as the original (i.e. 66) but with the nozzle height reduced to .462”.

Figure 1: New HP Nozzle Block Manufactured

1.3. A new windage shield was also manufactured to maintain the design clearance to the OD of the 1st stage wheel.

1.4. The new Upper Half HP Nozzle Block was blue checked for contact and installed to the Upper Half Casing.

Figure 2: New HP Nozzle Block installed

1.5. The new Lower Half HP Nozzle Block was shipped to site for contact check and installation by the PSG Turbine Field Service team.

2021 Alstom Owners Group Conference Presentation

Join us on March 2nd at the Alstom Owner’s Group (AOG) Virtual Conference for our presentation on Steam Turbine Diaphragm Dishing Bridge Repairs.   The AOG puts on a very educational event each and every year, and 2021 will be no different.  Hope to see you there!