G2 Steam Turbine Control Valve Inspection

We were recently contracted by a utility company in the U.S. to perform a valve inspection on a GE G2 Steam Turbine.   The inspection consisted of removing 4 control valve assemblies, sending them to our Steam Turbine Valve Component Manufacturing & Repair Facility in Gainesville, Georgia for inspection, then returning the valves to site for reinstallation by our field service team.  While the components are in our valve facility any replacement parts can be manufactured, or repairs made, as needed.  For more information about our valve facility capabilities please CLICK HERE

The field service team finished the reinstallation of the valves on schedule, with quality craftsmanship, and most importantly – no safety incidents.  Great job by our field service and repair facility teams working together to execute another successful project!


100% blue contact check at reassembly – always a welcome sight!