Valve Repairs

Valve repairs typically include removal of the valve(s), shipment of the components to a qualified facility, inspection of the components to pinpoint any issues, selection of the right materials and processes to restore (and potentially upgrade) your valve(s), and expert reinstallation of the components to ensure proper working condition.

At Power Services Group, we provide qualified field service teams to remove and reinstall your turbine valves, and an ISO-certified facility with highly skilled technicians to perform the inspection/repair/restoration/upgrades of your valve components.

Call your turbine experts today to learn more about how we can improve the operation of your turbine valves!

Field Services!

Power plant owners face a major challenge of keeping aging turbines up and running efficiently and cost effectively.

Power Services Group has the experience and expertise to help solve your turbine problems.

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Steam Path Repair Services

D11 Steam Turbines commonly have cracking issues in the HP/IP turbine section. PSG’s approach to addressing these issues  is to prepare machinists and on-site machining equipment for mobilization in case adjustments need to be made to the packing gland, shell fit, or other potential modifications.

Please Contact Us for more information on this repair, as well as other common D11 repairs.

Collector Ring Machining & Re-Grooving

We recently completed a Collector Ring Machining & Re-Grooving project for a U.S.-Based Utility Company – the before and after photos are below.  Outage Season is over, but our Field Machining Division is continuing to respond to emergent requests.  If you have any Collector Ring Machining of Re-Grooving needs please contact us today!   For our latest Collector Ring Machining brochure, CLICK HERE.

Before After

Outage Planning Services

Pre-Outage Planning

A Customized Plan

Most power producers are short-staffed and do not have the time and sometimes the expertise to prepare a comprehensive outage plan and workscope.  That’s why we offer the option of providing our comprehensive Pre-Outage Planning Service independent of the award of the contract for inspection and repairs.

Our field project teams have the breadth of knowledge and experience to produce the highest quality planning product, with a workscope customized to your unit and its specific signature.

One of our qualified Technical Directors will visit your plant and prepare a customized report for your specific unit.  The report will contain everything needed to plan your internal preparations for the outage and to prepare a comprehensive Request for Quote for the inspections and repairs.


A Basis For Your RFQ’s 

Your customized Pre-Outage Plan will include everything you need to prepare a comprehensive Request for Quote for the necessary inspections and repairs.  We will compile a summary of the findings from past inspections and develop a list of recommendations for potential repair work.  We will prepare a comprehensive and detailed suggested Statement of Work for the outage, based on these findings and observations from a unit walk-down.  Incorporating this information into your Request for Quote packages will yield “apples to apples” cost comparisons and few if any surprises on implementation.


A Task List For Your Facility

We will review your spare parts inventory and compile a list of recommended parts to have on hand prior to the outage.  We will recommend disposal of any expired or unusable spare parts.

We will also prepare a Critical Path Method schedule based on the defined workscope.  You can use this schedule to plan your expected outage duration and coordinate with any other activities to be conducted during this downtime.


What We Provide

The Pre-Outage Planning Package includes:

  • Outage History Review: We review your past outage reports to determine pending or implemented outage recommendations and any changes that may have been made to your unit.
  • Unit Walk-down: We perform a detailed walk-down of the unit, visually inspecting the components and auxiliaries that will help to develop a detailed pre-outage scope of work.
  • Customized Outage Workscope: Formulated from the on-site analysis of your unit, past outage reports, and known issues supplemented by discussion of particulars with you and your staff, we develop a workscope unique to the specifics of your unit and its current condition.
  • Outage Schedule: We take your customized workscope and create a comprehensive Critical Path Method schedule. This exceptional tool outlines a reasonable outage schedule and projected duration, and it can be used as a guide to measure the performance of your outage contractor.
  • Parts List: We compile a “recommended to buy” list determined by a physical review of your unit, prior outage report recommendations, and review of available inventory.


In summary, our Pre-Outage Planning deliverables to you will be:

  1. A scope of work tailored to your equipment and outage needs.
  2. A parts inventory and suggested purchase list (to support outage or emergency needs).
  3. A document to assist in the preparation of the scope for RFQ / bid documents.


Please CONTACT US today to learn more about how we can help you plan your next turbine outage.

Shaft Machining

Our Field Machining Division recently completed another successful shaft machining project.  The project included initial machining, sleeving of the shaft, and final machining to bring the shaft back to OEM specifications.  The end result was another satisfied customer whose equipment was back up and running as designed.  Great job team!

Contact Us today if you have any upcoming Field Machining projects that we could provide an estimate for.

As Found


Initial Machining Complete


Sleeved & Final Machined


Collector Ring Machining

We recently finished a Collector Ring Machining project for a power generating unit on the East Coast.  As outages get closer to finishing we see an influx of Collector Ring and Journal Machining requests come in.   If you have any Collector Ring Machining needs please contact us today!   For our latest Collector Ring Machining brochure, CLICK HERE.

On-Site Turbine Repair Services

If it is beneficial to you to have turbine component repairs performed on-site, we offer our portable equipment to be ready when components are removed from the turbine.  Contact us today to reserve our portable repair equipment for your next turbine outage.

2021 Spring Outage Preparedness

We are working with many customers right now developing scopes of work, schedules, and estimates for their upcoming turbine outages.  If you have any turbine inspection or repairs you would like to address this Spring please reach out to us.  We would appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance!

To learn more about how we can help service your power generating equipment please visit our website: