Who is Power Services Group?

Power Services Group is a market leader in providing integrated, turnkey solutions for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of turbines and generators for the power generation, oil & gas, and process industries.

We have multiple locations within the United States, each ready to provide the best possible service to our customers.  These locations are fully staffed to meet the demands of our customer base, and it is the quality of our personnel throughout the organization that make us the great company we are today.  We look forward to continuing to earn your business through hard work, and a dedication to safety and quality on every job we perform.

Another Steam Turbine Rotor Leaving the Shop!

We have another Steam Turbine Rotor leaving the shop!  This is for an industrial steam turbine in the Northern U.S.  We blast cleaned the rotor,  removed some of the existing blades and replaced with new, installed new covers, and balanced the rotor upon completion.  In addition to the rotor work we performed major repairs to specific diaphragms as well.  Another great job by our team at the steam path repair center in Pevely, Missouri!

Turbine Services Tool Containers

We’ve recently re-painted some of our tool containers – and they are looking good.  Nice work by our team at our Knoxville, Tennessee Logistics Center.

PSG maintains fully configured containerized tool sets, ready to be shipped to your location at a moment’s notice. The entire tool set fits on a single truck bed for ease in transport. Our logistics team is ready to ship these tools to meet your need – using best available rates for pre-planned outages, or expedited using 24- hour driving teams for emergencies.

Once we arrive at your site, we can quickly mobilize to efficiently begin work on your outage. If space and crane capacity is available, we can lift a container to your turbine deck and roll­ out our tool cabinets. If space is tight, we can lift the individual cabinets into place or transport them by forklift.

Our Project-Specific Planning allows us to customize the tool set for the job. We have what we need on-site, even planning for contingencies. The more organized we are, the more efficient our project teams can be, and that means less downtime for you.  Our fully-equipped trailers focus on safety and reduce labor costs so we can get your unit back online efficiently.

Specialized for Specific Needs

Besides Major Inspection tool sets we have developed many other customized sets including:



Major/Minor/Valve & Bearing

Emergency Response

Organized for Efficiency

Our tools are organized for efficiency. Small tools are organized in movable heavy duty cabinets, with each drawer labeled in large letters. Tools are organized in foam cutouts within the drawer to make it easier to locate and replace a tool – a specific place for a specific tool. Large tools are organized in Gang Boxes, with hooks or pegs labeled for every tool.

We have a standardized arrangement for all our tool sets, so if a mechanic is familiar with one, he is familiar with all. Our mechanics take pride in our tool sets and retrieve and replace their own tools, as required, so there is no need for a tool attendant. This increases productivity and makes sure the right tool is used for every task.

Office Facilities

We bring a dedicated office trailer to facilitate project planning and communications. The trailer contains lights, power outlets and printers for management support, and is fully supplied with materials for lockout, badging, reporting and other support services.

After the tool boxes are removed from our separate tool container, it is used as a break room for our mechanics.

On-Site Repairs

If turnaround time is a critical factor in your outage, then we can perform most all machining and rotor repair using specialized portable equipment delivered to your remote facility. We will work with you during pre-outage planning to determine if this option is right for you.

On-site tooling is available for Rotor/ Seal Turning

Low Speed Balance

Broken Bolt/Stud Removal

Generator Rotor Rewind Collector Ring Grinding

Valve & Bearing Inspection

Turbine Generator Maintenance (TGM) was contracted by an industrial customer in the United States to perform a valve and bearing inspection on their General Electric (GE) condensing steam turbine and hydrogen-cooled generator. The turbine and generator set is of a four bearing design.

During the project, a Safety Meeting was held prior to the start of any work. The Safety Meeting topics were based on work activities to be performed during the shift. In addition, hazardous observations which could impact the safety of the team were discussed and resolved. Prior to performing work, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form was completed by the work team. This project had no accidents and no first aide incidents.

The generator rotor remained in the stator and both of these components, the generator rotor and generator stator, received visual inspections and electrical testing.  The journal bearings were removed and visually and dimensionally inspected. The pedestal oil deflectors were removed and visually and dimensionally inspected. The #3 outboard (OB) and #3 and #4 inboard (IB) oil deflectors showed to have excessive clearance. These deflectors were conveyed to a local machine shop for repairs. The remainder of the deflectors were cleaned and returned to service.

The inlet control valves (CV) were removed, cleaned and inspected. The valve seats and poppets were found in acceptable condition, CV’s 3, 4, 5 and 6 received new stems sourced from customer spares. The valve bushings showed to be worn and were recommended for be replacement at the next planned outage. The main stop valve (MSV) and operator were disassembled, cleaned and inspected. All components were approved for reassembly and were returned to service.

The lube oil system main, AC and steam driven oil pumps were disassembled and received inspections. The main oil pump (MOP), which is driven by the turbine rotor, was returned to service with no repairs being necessary. The steam driven auxiliary oil pump (AOP), was found to have acceptable clearances and was reassembled and returned to service.  One row of carbon steam packing was found to be damaged and was replaced. The AC driven oil pump was found to have acceptable clearances and was reassembled and returned to service. The lube oil reservoir was opened and cleaned.

The generator coolers and air ejector condensers were opened on the water side for inspections. The tubes were rodded out, flushed and vacuum tested. All were OK and the components were reassembled. The lube oil coolers were opened and cleaned.  The system trip devices were cleaned and received visual inspections; all linkages were checked for wear and proper freedom of movement. The devices were latched and checked for tripping operation. The governor speed control trip latch oil pressure trip cylinder piston rings were found to be seized. New rings were manufactured and installed.

Upon startup, the unit operation was accepted and the unit placed online.  Our personnel demobilized the job site and were released to travel the following morning.

Another successful project and satisfied customer.

Nuclear Steam Turbine Services

Power Services Group (PSG) provides turnkey services for nuclear steam turbines and generators for most OEM manufacturers. PSG provides total turnkey outage performance including technical direction, project management & coordination, supervision, labor, tooling, repairs, parts sourcing and/or manufacturing, and start-up support.  We also specialize in nuclear turbine valves at our Gainesville, Georgia facility.  We can provide complete valve overhaul services to prepare your nuclear steam turbine valves for their next run cycle.  We support fossil and nuclear steam turbines up to 1,300MW for all major OEMs.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, quality alternative for your nuclear steam turbine services please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll provide you with a free quotation for your next inspection.

LP Packing Gland Manufacture

Our component manufacturing facility in Gainesville, Georgia recently manufactured an LP Packing Gland for an Industrial GE Steam Turbine.  This component was manufactured utilizing our rigorous quality control process, ensuring all safety parameters were followed each step of the way.  This component was made out of 1045 steel, we stock hundreds of different materials for various types of turbine components to be manufactured when our customers need them.  Below is a short video of the part in process.  Great job Gainesville team!

Want to learn more about Power Services Group? Schedule a Virtual Meeting today!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the capabilities Power Services Group can provide your facility we can conduct a Virtual Meeting at a time of your choosing, on the platform of your choosing (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, Skype, etc.).  Whether it be our Steam Turbine Valve Repair Facility and capabilities, or our Running Condition Assessment program for extending your major to major cycle, we can tailor a virtual meeting to suit your needs and provide you with alternatives to servicing your turbine.  If there are any turbine maintenance topics that you would like to learn more about please contact us by clicking the link HERE to send an email to us, or call us at 800-226-7557.  If you prefer to simply have our brochures emailed or sent in a hard copy folder we can do that as well.  Simply add “Email Brochures” or “Mail Brochures” in the body of the message.  We look forward to providing you with turbine maintenance alternatives for your facility.


Running Condition Assessment

We performed a running condition assessment (RCA) inspection on an industrial GE Steam Turbine, in which we performed a variety of inspection processes to determine the overall running condition of the steam turbine generator and its auxiliary equipment at a facility located on the East Coast, USA. This RCA was completed as an annual inspection to determine the condition of the turbine and generator and to better prepare and schedule the next major inspection for this unit.

We met with the customer and discussed the goals of the Running Condition Assessment, how the unit was operating, and the plan to inspect and evaluate the unit to help determine a time frame for the next major inspection of this unit.

A walk down of the turbine and the visual survey portion of the RCA was completed. The detailed findings were included in a comprehensive 400 page final report. A vibration survey, thermal imaging survey and ultrasonic survey of the unit was performed while on site. The underside of the turbine was surveyed for the condition of the thermal insulation and other visual defects. The auxiliary equipment which included the generator and coolers, lube oil tank, pumps, gland exhaust system, steam traps, and pipe hangers was also surveyed.  Running readings were obtained from local instrumentation as well as from the units control system.

The end result provided the customer with an assessment of how their turbine generator set was currently operating, as well as the trending data from previous years’ assessments.  This data was analyzed and discussed at the customer meeting, allowing the customer to budget and tentatively schedule their next Major Inspection based on the year over year trends and recent assessment findings.  The goal of the RCA program is to help customers extend the duration between Major Inspections, while assessing and correcting minor issues on an annual basis.




ABB Steam Turbine Inspections


We have performed a number of inspections on ABB Steam Turbines over the years.  We’ve worked on various size ranges, from Industrial to Utility units.  Our Technical Field Advisors are very knowledgeable on the details of the ABB Steam Turbines and the specific procedures to be used for successful disassembly and reassembly of these units.

We attribute our success to our people.  We keep our project teams together as they travel to different job sites around the country.  Our Project Management teams consist of Technical Field Advisors, a Project Coordinator, and Turbine Mechanic Foreman.  The Turbine Mechanic Foreman all have a core group of Turbine Mechanics that travel with them to each job site.   These project teams work together on a regular basis, getting to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and look out for each other’s safety.  This continuity of personnel is reflected by our excellent quality and safety record, and is the reason for us being able to deliver successful outages to our customers.

This project team philosophy translates well to inspections of all turbine types, but particularly to the smaller fleets where expertise and continuity can be hard to find.  If you have an inspection coming up on your ABB Steam Turbine please contact us today and learn more about how we will provide you with a successful outage performance.

  Click Here to contact us today.

Shaft Machining

Our Field Machining Division was dispatched to repair an inboard fan shaft for a Utility customer in the Midwest.  We mobilized a total of 4 specialty field machining personnel, and began the process of machining the inboard fan shaft which had severe shaft damage and hard spots.  We cleaned up 100% of the shaft, had hardness checks performed, and then proceeded to final hone and polish.

The total duration of the project was 3 days from start to finish, and the end result was another satisfied customer.  The photos below will give you an idea of the severity of the original shaft damage, as well as the final condition upon completion.  Another great project by our Field Machining Division!


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Upon Completion: