Stellite Overlay on Steam Turbine Valve Components

We have developed advanced welding processes to overlay stellite into the bore of a bushing and to other areas on valves prone to excessive wear. Our process will virtually eliminate the build up of scale on those parts. It also significantly reduces erosion on other parts of the valve in the steam path.  CONTACT US today to learn more about how we can add stellite to your steam turbine valve components.

Upgrade Benefits:

  • Reduced Scale Build up on components
  • Prevent Premature Valve Failure
  • Enhance Valve Service Life
  • Improve Operating Reliability
  • Reduce Maintenance Frequency and Cost
Before After
Westinghouse Throttle Valve Main Plug with Severe Erosion.

The same throttle valve main plug back in our shop for evaluation after 50,000 operating hour – no erosion, no cracks and unit had zero operating issues while in service. Prior to the upgrade, the plugs were being replaced every 18 to 24 months.