Westinghouse Utility Steam Turbine Major Inspection

We recently completed a Major Inspection on a Westinghouse Steam Turbine and Hydrogen-cooled Generator for a Utility in the Southeast U.S.  The project consisted of inspecting the HP/IP Turbine, LP Turbine, and Valves.  The steam path components were blast cleaned and inspected, with minor blade repairs performed on-site.  The turbine rotors had boresonic inspections performed, confirming the good condition of the components.  Bearings T1 – T4 were inspected and found to be in good condition.  The oil deflectors were re-toothed and machined at our qualified repair facility.  The Governor Valves were sent to our valve facility in Gainesville, Georgia where a flexitallic gasket modification was performed.  We performed on-site machining of the steam chest to accept the newly modified gaskets.  The Throttle, Reheat Stop, and Intercept Valves were all inspected at site.  A laser alignment was performed to align steam path components.  Final reassembly was completed, and the unit was turned over to the customer for startup.   This was another excellent project where we finished on-schedule, on-budget, and most importantly – zero safety incidents.  Great work by the PSG team!