Forklift Safety

According to OSHA, forklift overturns are the leading cause of fatalities related to the use of forklifts and result in 25% of all forklift deaths. Other incidents that are associated with using forklifts include falling from a forklift, loads falling on workers, not using a seat-belt and being ejected or not following the proper procedures while traveling on grades or ramps.
With the proper training forklift operators will gain the knowledge and skill required to create a safe environment. When operators do not have the proper training problems arise and often lead to accidents and deaths.
Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Have you received training to operate a forklift?
2. Do you know how to properly report damage or problems during your shift?
3. Are you aware of any mechanical issues before operating a forklift?
4. Do you know how to properly operate a forklift on grades and ramps?
5. Do you know what to do if your forklift is overturning?
6. Do you know how to determine load capacity?
7. Are you using seat-belts properly while operating?
8. Have you received training on proper fueling?
9. Do you know how to properly mount and dismount a forklift?
10. Do you have the necessary information needed to comply with OSHA regulations?
(Courtesy of Crane Tech)