Still considering performing a turbine outage this Fall or next Spring?

Regardless of whether or not your steam turbine is cycling or base load, it may be difficult to pinpoint when the next maintenance inspection should be performed.  We have a solution to help you determine when to schedule your next steam turbine inspection – providing peace of mind that you are scheduling your maintenance outages when they are needed, not spending money too soon, and not waiting until its too late.

A Running Condition Assessment may provide you (or your insurance company) with the peace of mind that the unit is not nearing a failure point, and can continue to operate.  Alternatively, the Running Condition Assessment may tell you that an immediate outage should be scheduled to avoid a component failure.  The Running Condition Assessment can provide you with the information needed to properly schedule your next steam turbine outage.

  • A Running Condition Assessment allows us to assess the health of your turbine generator while the unit is in operation – no need to bring the unit offline.
  • This assessment typically includes one specialized technician and equipment at your facility for 3 – 5 days, minimizing the people and time on-site.
  • After completion of the Running Condition Assessment you will receive a detailed report on the current condition of your turbine, providing you with vital information for future decision-making. 
  • The cost of a Running Condition Assessment is negligible compared to the cost of a turbine outage.

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