Power Services Group is hiring a Technical Field Advisor/Technical Director



Technical Field Advisor/Technical Director

The duties of this position include but are not limited to the following in support of PSG’s power generating equipment services project planning and execution:


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Has experience with fast paced small to large turnkey steam and combustion turbine outages
  • Proven experience with Gas Turbine / Steam Turbine / Generator project execution.
  • Has the ability to understand and efficiently communicate technical, commercial and contractual issues with the customer
  • Has experience with project cost collection and analysis
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products and Adobe
  • Outstanding peoples skills with the ability to detect and resolve adversity and conflict situations
  • Strong customer focus


Primary Functions:

  • Provide overall project team leadership
  • Manage and direct PSG employees on the job site in the disassemble and reassembly of turbines
  • Satisfy our customers through execution of outages in a cost effective and timely manner
  • Thoroughly plan and execute the Project, present the plan at the Project Readiness Review prior to job mobilization
  • Responsible for resolution of contract disputes with customers
  • Participate as requested in Technical Sales Visits
  • Conduct Outage Planning Visits and provide required deliverables


Project Functions:


Pre-Outage Start

  • Review the scope of work bid letter bid estimates sub-contractor quotes previous final report recommendations and copies of correspondence for the bid process in preparation for the Readiness Review.
  • Discuss with outage team pre-planning activities i.e. safety, mechanics, vendors, equipment needs, subcontractors, needed tooling, transportation costs, how to save money, etc.….
  • Review the set-up crew and the tooling arrival schedule with the PC and Foremen.
  • Review and finalize the project schedule.
  • Oversee Project Coordinator (PC) set up tasks.
  • Oversee Foremen set up tasks.
  • Develop task specific checklist for the work.
  • Develop day and or night shift worklist
  • Develop relationship with customer while discussing & finalizing outage work scope.
  • Lead the Readiness Review meeting.
  • Effectively identify opportunities for project cost reduction during project planning and execution


During Outage Performance

  • Conduct pre-outage meeting with the customer and PC.
  • Walk the running unit down with the customer, note visible deficiencies.
  • Conduct survey of machine to include running data, unit data sheet to include in final report.
  • Confirm with the foreman the availability of the OEM tooling.
  • Attend and lead initial job orientation with crew members.
  • Survey turbine deck to ensure a safe work environment.
  • The TFA will review and approve all PC’s Activities List and time sheets. If for any reason there is no PC on the job site, the TFA will take responsibility for duties normally handled by the PC with the same time constraints.
  • The TFA will review and approve the Supervisor Activities Lists.
  • Review task specific checklist.
  • Review log book for work performed on previous shift.
  • Review all photos taken on previous shift.
  • Update detailed 48 hour work ahead list.
  • Review and update Project schedule.
  • Generate and publish Daily Report.
  • Provide technical guidance to the Supervisor and PC.
  • Review technical data for final report.
  • Review Internal Cost Reports.
  • Interact with the customer daily.
  • Record Final Running data.
  • Oversee PC Closure Activities.
  • Oversee Supervisor Closure Activities
  • Perform final inspection of turbine deck for cleanliness


Post Outage

  • Prepare Qualification Statement Update
  • Make sure all expense reports have been submitted for the team
  • Turn in all job related expenses to accounting
  • Coordinate with Customer Contact regarding job site demobilization
  • Complete the Post Outage Critique document and send to the Proposal Manager
  • Complete the Final Report and turn into the office within 14 business days of the last labor date
  • Verify that the logbook and a copy of the dirty data are sent to the office
  • The TFA will have worked throughout the job to build a relationship with the customer contact. As part of the job closure procedure, the TFA will hold a formal or informal discussion with the customer contact.


Secondary Functions:

In support of other PSG businesses, as needed:

  • Support PSG Sales & Marketing
  • Support PSG Commercial Operations
  • Support Finance with project reporting
  • Support Project Execution


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