Collector Ring Machining & Re-Grooving

We recently completed a Collector Ring Machining & Re-Grooving project for a U.S.-Based Utility Company – the before and after photos are below.  Outage Season is over, but our Field Machining Division is continuing to respond to emergent requests.  If you have any Collector Ring Machining of Re-Grooving needs please contact us today!   For our latest Collector Ring Machining brochure, CLICK HERE.

Before After

Collector Ring Machining

We recently finished a Collector Ring Machining project for a power generating unit on the East Coast.  As outages get closer to finishing we see an influx of Collector Ring and Journal Machining requests come in.   If you have any Collector Ring Machining needs please contact us today!   For our latest Collector Ring Machining brochure, CLICK HERE.

Collector Ring Re-grooving

We were recently hired to machine and re-groove a set of collector rings on a 7FH2 Generator.  This is a common service we perform during outage seasons when turbine generator outages are taking place and customers inspect the current condition of their collector rings and check groove depth.  When it is noted that the collector rings need machining and/or re-grooving we are contacted to bring in specialty equipment and experienced personnel to perform these repairs on-site.  The collector ring grooves and surfaces are machined, bringing the component back to within acceptable specifications.  If you are ever in need of collector ring machining and/or re-grooving please give us a call.  We’ll tool up and mobilize immediately and ensure we provide you with a safe, quality, efficient performance.  For more information regarding our generator collector ring repairs, see our line card HERE.

As Found




After Machining


Collector Ring Machining


During any turbine generator outage season we often receive an influx of calls to perform collector ring machining on various makes and models of generators.  It is critical to maintain as much brush to collector ring contact as possible, and machining the rings can make sure the surface is free from defects that may inhibit brush to ring contact.  The need for this machining is typically determined after the generator has been disassembled and inspected, making this service an emergent repair that needs to be performed within a time-sensitive window.  When these requests are received we typically request basic dimensional data and then provide a quick quotation for services.  Once approved, we immediately dispatch our qualified technicians to site along with specialized machining equipment.  This work is typically completed in 1-2 shifts, and the customer is able to continue forward without this service having any impact on the overall schedule.