Our Field Services

Power Services Group has developed a Running Condition Assessment program which allows plant management to better assess the current condition of their steam turbine, predict maintenance repairs, determine outage schedule, and more!

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Thermal Imaging of the Power Island

Thermography is a condition-based maintenance technique that is used to monitor the condition of plant machinery, structures, systems, and media (i.e. steam, oil, water, etc.).  By detecting thermal anomalies (i.e. areas that are hotter or colder than they should be), an experienced Thermal Imaging Specialist can locate and define incipient problems within the Power System.  Thermography is just one of the dynamic-state, running-condition assessment tools that can and will detect the presence of issues that may very well disappear during static-state preventive maintenance.  We highly recommend each plant conduct regular thermal imaging assessments of their equipment as part of their standard maintenance practices.