Field Services

At PSG we attempt to diagnose the root causes behind the symptom and recommend actions to prevent its return. These recommendations may include operational and/or maintenance changes. The goal of our comprehensive and proactive approach to repairs is the elimination of future forced outages. Visit our website to learn more!

Where In The World Is Mr. Turbine?

Today Mr. Turbine is enjoying Jamaica.  He doesn’t need to worry about plant outages because the turbine experts are on it! Call PSG today for your turbine maintenance needs!

Field Services

At Power Services Group our field service teams inspect and maintain your turbines & generators to ensure high performance and customer satisfaction.

Contact Power Services Group today, we are your turbine experts!

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Field Services!

A Compressor’s performance has a large influence on total engine performance.
Power Services Group has field service teams to inspect and maintain your gas turbine compressor section.

If you need gas turbine maintenance services, contact Power Services Group today!
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Almost finished with another Major Inspection.

Exciter has been reassembled, we’re getting closer…

2021 Spring Outage Preparedness

We are working with many customers right now developing scopes of work, schedules, and estimates for their upcoming turbine outages.  If you have any turbine inspection or repairs you would like to address this Spring please reach out to us.  We would appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance!

To learn more about how we can help service your power generating equipment please visit our website:


Steam Turbine Maintenance

Power Services Group supports fossil and nuclear steam turbines ranging from 1MW to 1,300MW for all major OEMs.

Our steam turbine services include:

Field Services Overhaul
Inspection Outage management
Maintenance Relocation
Installation Component repair solutions
Rotor blade weld repair Nozzle & diaphragm repair
Valve repair and upgrade Valve component manufacturing

Our flexible and cost-effective steam turbine solutions can help operators reduce equipment downtime and extend the life of steam turbine components.  CONTACT US today to discuss your next steam turbine inspection.

Turbine Maintenance

Our extensive field service experience covers heavy industrial steam turbines, gas turbines, and all ancillary equipment.

Wherever you are, whatever your industry, our global field service network responds to your needs 24/7.  We aim to minimize downtime and improve plant performance.

Contact us today to get a quote for your next turbine maintenance project!

Summer Projects are Heating Up!

We’ve been going strong all summer!  Hard to believe August is almost here.  We’ve had our crews at 32 different customer sites across the U.S. so far this summer… and counting.  Typically summertime brings a slow down for maintenance as turbines and generators across the country are in full operation for peak run season.  But we’ve had a solid summer, and we’re gearing up for a busy fall outage season.  If there are any turbine maintenance inspection or repair projects you’re considering for this fall please give us a call – we’re ready and willing to help however we can!

Who is Power Services Group?

Power Services Group is a market leader in providing integrated, turnkey solutions for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of turbines and generators for the power generation, oil & gas, and process industries.

We have multiple locations within the United States, each ready to provide the best possible service to our customers.  These locations are fully staffed to meet the demands of our customer base, and it is the quality of our personnel throughout the organization that make us the great company we are today.  We look forward to continuing to earn your business through hard work, and a dedication to safety and quality on every job we perform.