Kelly Harris – Recognition for Excellence in Machine Design

Kelly Harris has been awarded a custom trophy for excellence in machine design.

In 1976 Kelly enlisted in the Navy where he would start his machining career. In 1975, 4 days after high school, he began 4 years of service. Since then, Kelly has worked in many areas of machining and has learned many lessons that he now teaches all of us here at OES. During his time here with OES he has led designing and innovation on several machines and applications. To mention one example… we had a customer that had a very difficult and precise valve lapping job. Kelly built a tool that traces the valve seat and it proved to shorten the job duration significantly.

Kelly has designed many other pieces of equipment over the years to assist customers in completing custom repairs on their turbine components.

We at OES wish to recognize him for his efforts and innovation. He has been an excellent resource of knowledge that can only be replaced with personal experience and time. Though the trophy is unique in appearance, it is certainly earnest and sincere from all of us who have worked with Kelly over the years.

NAES Operations & Maintenance Conference

Power Services Group will be exhibiting at the NAES Operations & Maintenance Conference in Nashville, Tennessee the week of February 24th, 2020.  We perform steam and gas turbine inspection and repairs for various NAES facilities, and are looking forward to sharing our experiences with the conference attendees.  We will be in the exhibit hall the evening of February 25th at table 19.  If you’re in attendance please stop by.  Travel safe everybody!

Heavy Lifting

PSG’s turbine services personnel perform various types of work on steam and gas turbines all over the World.  In the photo below our personnel are coordinating the lift of a 100+ Ton HP Turbine Shell.  There are a lot of small details that go into successfully accomplishing such a lift, and the attention to detail and safety must be paramount when lifting any piece of equipment.  Nice work team!

Spring Outage Season is here!

It’s mid-February and our Steam Path Repair facility is filling up.  It’s great to see so much work going on this spring, looks like it will be a very busy outage season.  Please contact us today if you have any projects coming up that we can help with.  Below is a photo of diaphragms that just arrived – looking forward to making the necessary repairs and getting them back to the customer on budget and on schedule!

Combined Cycle Users Group

We had another amazing conference. Here our own Joerg Schoepp, GM of Repair Services for PSG,
is seen presenting an enthralling informative about In Situ Valve Seat Replacement.

American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo

ANS was amazing! We met a lot of people and gained immense amounts of information. Can’t wait for next year!

Happy Independence Day!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day! our offices will be closed on July fourth and fifth.

70th Annual AREGC

AREGC was in full swing this year in Point Clear, Alabama. Mike Lake and Gary Beck had an amazing time getting to network and meet all of our new customers!

The Grand Hotel Marriott in Point Clear Alabama for the Grand Hotel. Christmas and for use in Alabama Magazine Nov. Dec 2018

2019 Usa Executive Summit

The 2019 executive summit allowed for a lot of knowledge to be exchanged! Our own Keith Ravan and Mike Ballard spearheaded this conference and had so much fun! can’t wait for the 2020 conference.

Frame 6 Users Group Conference

Gary Beck and Lance Birkenholz spearheading the Frame 6 Conference this year in California!