Field Machining

Do you have a maintenance outage coming up this fall?  We offer many types of field machining solutions to facilities all over the globe.  We would appreciate the opportunity to help develop a solution to whatever you may need machined at your facility.   Some common field machining projects that we perform include:

Reduced Cost and Downtime

Performing work on-site eliminates the issues related to removing and shipping your equipment to a shop: costly mobilizations, exorbitant shipping costs, potential damage during shipment, valuable lay down space, and plant crane and rigging requirements. Our technicians are typically set-up in less than four hours and the project can often be completed in less than 48 hours, making this service the ideal solution in critical path scenarios.


All work is performed at the customer’s facility, regardless of size, position, damage, material, etc. Equipment available includes a fully-equipped portable machine shop, portable horizontal lathe, and portable vertical turret lathe (VTL). Once on-site, unloading, and loading of our machining equipment is quick and is typically accomplished with a small fork lift.


Our proven equipment and processes can be applied to almost any machining requirement.


CONTACT US today to discuss how we may be able to help you with your next field machining project.