Field Machining

Orbital Energy Services’ On-Site Machining Service provides precision, transportable machine tools and highly qualified technicians to skillfully perform work at your facility. We have eliminated the issues related to removing and shipping your equipment to a shop: costly mobilizations, exorbitant shipping costs, potential damage during shipment, and plant crane and rigging requirements. Visit our website to learn more!


It was great fun at the “Birdies for Boys & Girls” Golf Tournament organized by Northern Star Generation. Our very own make it a point to keep giving back to the community. To see what upcoming events we have next visit our website.

Birdies for Boys & Girls

Swinging for better futures at the “Birdies for Boys & Girls” Golf Tournament organized by Northern Star Generation. All proceeds for the tournament benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Polk County, Florida. We are happy to give back to the community while enjoying some fun in the sun with great friends!

Part Manufacturing

Did you know that our Steam Turbine Part Manufacturing facility in Gainesville, Georgia is ISO 9001:2015 certified? Our 100% guaranteed aftermarket parts have saved customers substantial amounts of money and capital expenses. Call the turbine experts today or visit our website for more information on how we can help you with your critical steam turbine components!

Field Services

At PSG, the phrase “major inspection” means more to us than just open, clean, and close. Our quote includes all the work implicit to your statement of work to achieve a comprehensive inspection minimizing unexpected change orders. We examine every relevant aspect of the power train. We perform meaningful measurements of components and clearances and record multiple measurements at each location. Recording this additional data allows us to better identify potential problems and enables us to establish trends across successive inspections. Visit our website for more information!

Steam Path Repair

At Orbital Energy Services we pride ourselves on providing quality repairs, on-schedule, and at a reasonable price. The quality repairs we perform will provide improved efficiency and reliability of that component. After completing a recent weld repair of a steam turbine rotor our customer stated: “This is the best my turbine has operated in years”.

Please visit our website to learn more about our steam turbine repair services!

Safety Monday!

As summer approaches and the days get longer, the dangers of working outside during hot weather increase. One safety tip is to Wear protective clothing. Lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing will help protect against the heat. At PSG, we properly train and educate our employees to help everyone understand the latest safety procedures and importance of maintaining a safe working environment. We strive to keep our employees safe during these harsh summer months. Visit our website for more safety tips.

Where Is Mr. Turbine Today?

Mr. Turbine says come choo choo your way over to the phone and call the turbine experts today.

Valve Repair

Did you know – Power Services Group provides repairs and upgrades for your D-11 valves and valve components. We also maintain one of the most extensive valve repair equipment inventories and employ some of the best trained and most experienced personnel in the industry.

Field Machining

At PSG, our journal machining technicians are typically set-up in less than four hours and the project can often be completed in less than 48 hours, making this service the ideal solution in critical path scenarios. We will restore dimensional straightness, roundness, and concentricity, to within 0.001” final machine tolerances. We offer machine finishes of 16 RMS or better.

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