Happy Independence Day!

Beat the Heat!

In our industry, working outdoors in all sorts of weather is part of the job.  Because you can’t stop working when it gets hot, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from heat and what to do if someone on your crew gets overheated.

There are two main kinds of heat illness – heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  Because they require different treatments learn to tell the difference between the two.

A victim of heat stroke has flushed, dry skin; a rapid heartbeat; loud, rapid breathing; and a high body temperature – 105F or more.  The victim may complain of dizziness and headache or may suffer from confusion, convulsions, delirium, or unconsciousness.  This is a medical emergency calling for quick action.  While one person calls for emergency services, others should get the victim cooled off.  Place the victim in a tub of cool water or use a hose or wet cloths to bring the temperature down.  Massage the victims hands and feet toward the heart to stimulate circulation of the cooler blood of the limbs.  Dry the victim off when the temperature returns to normal.  Repeat the cooling process if the body temperature rises again.

A victim of heat exhaustion looks very different from a heat stroke victim.  This person sweats profusely and has pale, clammy skin.  Body temperature is normal.  The victim may feel giddy and nervous, or may vomit or faint.  First aid for heat exhaustion is to get the victim to lie in a cool place and sip cool water.  Loosen the victim’s clothes and call a doctor.  A victim who is unconscious or vomiting will need to be taken to a hospital to be treated intravenously.

Heat exhaustion sometimes includes heat cramps.  This is caused by a lack of salt.  You can relieve the cramps by massaging the cramped muscles or pressing firmly on them with your hands.  If the victim has no other medical condition, you can give half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in 8 ounces of cool water or fruit juice.

Heat-related illness is no fun.  And it’s usually preventable.  Here’s what to do to keep healthy in hot weather:

If you’re not used to working in heat, start out slowly.  Drink plenty of water – at least eight ounces (one glass) every 20 – 30 minutes while on the job.  Drink a nutrient replenishing sports drink with electrolytes.  Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks, which can cause dehydration and cramps.  Cut heavy, high-fat foods out of your diet and get plenty of rest.  Pay attention to warning signs – if you don’t feel good take a break.

One more thing – pay attention to each other!  You may notice a coworker with flushed skin and rapid breathing before he or she does.  And if he or she must go to the hospital, guess who gets to do his work?

Remember: Hazard Awareness + Hazard Mitigation + Focus = Zero Injuries

Turbine Services Tool Containers

We’ve recently re-painted some of our tool containers – and they are looking good.  Nice work by our team at our Knoxville, Tennessee Logistics Center.

PSG maintains fully configured containerized tool sets, ready to be shipped to your location at a moment’s notice. The entire tool set fits on a single truck bed for ease in transport. Our logistics team is ready to ship these tools to meet your need – using best available rates for pre-planned outages, or expedited using 24- hour driving teams for emergencies.

Once we arrive at your site, we can quickly mobilize to efficiently begin work on your outage. If space and crane capacity is available, we can lift a container to your turbine deck and roll­ out our tool cabinets. If space is tight, we can lift the individual cabinets into place or transport them by forklift.

Our Project-Specific Planning allows us to customize the tool set for the job. We have what we need on-site, even planning for contingencies. The more organized we are, the more efficient our project teams can be, and that means less downtime for you.  Our fully-equipped trailers focus on safety and reduce labor costs so we can get your unit back online efficiently.

Specialized for Specific Needs

Besides Major Inspection tool sets we have developed many other customized sets including:



Major/Minor/Valve & Bearing

Emergency Response

Organized for Efficiency

Our tools are organized for efficiency. Small tools are organized in movable heavy duty cabinets, with each drawer labeled in large letters. Tools are organized in foam cutouts within the drawer to make it easier to locate and replace a tool – a specific place for a specific tool. Large tools are organized in Gang Boxes, with hooks or pegs labeled for every tool.

We have a standardized arrangement for all our tool sets, so if a mechanic is familiar with one, he is familiar with all. Our mechanics take pride in our tool sets and retrieve and replace their own tools, as required, so there is no need for a tool attendant. This increases productivity and makes sure the right tool is used for every task.

Office Facilities

We bring a dedicated office trailer to facilitate project planning and communications. The trailer contains lights, power outlets and printers for management support, and is fully supplied with materials for lockout, badging, reporting and other support services.

After the tool boxes are removed from our separate tool container, it is used as a break room for our mechanics.

On-Site Repairs

If turnaround time is a critical factor in your outage, then we can perform most all machining and rotor repair using specialized portable equipment delivered to your remote facility. We will work with you during pre-outage planning to determine if this option is right for you.

On-site tooling is available for Rotor/ Seal Turning

Low Speed Balance

Broken Bolt/Stud Removal

Generator Rotor Rewind Collector Ring Grinding

Bearing Saddle Machining


We were recently called into a power plant to machine out damage present in a bearing saddle.  This required the use of specialized machining equipment (photo of equipment being set up shown below), as well as highly skilled Field Machinists to operate the equipment, and maintain extremely critical tolerances in final machining.  Very nice job by our Field Machinists, and another example of our critical machining capabilities.

Flange Facing


We have a full range of flange facing equipment to clean up any surfaces that may need work.  After machining you will have smooth surfaces to allow for a much better seal.  Please contact us today for all of your flange facing needs!

Customer Satisfaction


We’ve been doing excellent work all over the World – but don’t take it from us, just ask our customers.  We take pride in our excellent overall customer satisfaction rating, and appreciate every opportunity our customers provide.  This is a people business, and we understand that our existence depends on our ability to meet and exceed expectations on each and every project we perform.  If you haven’t tried us yet, please give us a call and find out why so many customers consider PSG their preferred turbine service provider.

Journal Machining

We’ve had quite a run on Journal Machining this outage season, much like most outage seasons.  We’re working hard to make sure all of our customers can get their equipment back into good running condition and complete their outages on-time.  As these emergent repairs are discovered please give us a call, we have the equipment and personnel to machine most standard turbine rotor journals and collector rings – as well as provide many other types of on-site repairs.  Here are a couple of photos showing both the equipment set up on the journal, as well as the journal after final machining.

Keeping the Electricity Flowing

We have quite a few projects ongoing at the moment, even with current COVID-19 concerns.  Providing electricity to homes all across the country is vital to the well-being of the public, and it is our responsibility to continue on as we try to get through this together.  The men and women that are out in the field performing this work are making a sacrifice for all of us as the country continues to tighten restrictions on travel and access to everyday necessities.  We’d like to thank turbine maintenance personnel all across the World for what they are doing right now to keep electricity flowing – stay safe and healthy out there!

PSG Customers and Suppliers – Our COVID-19 Action Plan

PSG and our affiliated companies, Orbital Energy Services (OES), Turbine Generator Maintenance (TGM), and Airco Power Services, continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation to address concerns and issues that may affect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers. Like other organizations, PSG relies on guidance from the CDC and US Department of State related COVID-19 precautions. Communication with our partners remains a priority as the situation rapidly changes.  As such, PSG has taken action to address its own facilities, as well as those customer facilities at which PSG employees are working.

PSG is currently operating with the following precautions in place to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Our employees, and through their interaction with customers and suppliers, have implemented these actions regardless of location:

  • Customer and supplier visits to PSG facilities must be business-critical and approved by the facility manager. As a precaution, body temperature of any person entering a PSG facility, employee or visitor, is checked and must be within CDC guidelines.
  • All travel unrelated to execution of business has been eliminated. All air travel must be approved by senior management directly reporting to the CEO. Our field teams are driving to customer job sites as much as possible and will comply with all customer-specific site protocols.
  • All employees returning from international travel are self-quarantined for 14 days at home to ensure wellness.
  • Where practical, office employees have the option to work from home to promote social distancing.
  • Web meetings and teleconferences are encouraged as an alternative to face-to-face meetings, both internally and externally.

PSG’s commitments to safety and service excellence remain our top priorities and our core values, and we will take the necessary steps to ensure the highest standards of both are at the forefront of everything we do.


Keith Ravan

Chief Executive Officer

Power Services Group

Rotor Shaft Manufacturing

We recently completed a Major Inspection on an industrial steam turbine which required a de-stack of the rotor, the manufacture of a new rotor shaft, and re-stacking of components.  We also changed multiple rows of blades, and balanced the rotor upon completion.  One plant employee commented: “I have been here for 20 years and 3 complete overhauls of this unit.  This was by far the best from a standpoint of quality and workmanship”.  This project was a great team effort from start to finish that resulted in another very satisfied customer.